Erotic Poetry: A Surfers Journey

A Surfers Journey

I traveled to Newquay
Once before the sea called
A train ride from London
Ending in holiday throngs
Healing was my purpose
To feel the salted wind
The smell of ozone heavy
Waves crashing in my ears.

So many years ago
Her name escapes me
I remember her smell
The way she grew moist
Like a crashing waterfall
Soaking my thrusting thighs
Willingly taking all I had
Happily giving as I drowned.

Two days I stayed
Sleeping beside her form
Emerging slowly into bloom
From winters harsh caress
Then we parted easily
Never once to reconnect
And I love her dearly
For giving back my life.

My journey has continued
Between endless parted thighs
Taking refuge in physicality
When found emotionally lacking
Hoping to find redemption
In momentary pounding lust
Praying to exhume that one
That finally chains my heart.