Erotic Poetry: Early Morning Twilight

Early Morning Twilight

Holding him in my arms
While he brings himself to orgasm
I drift in and out of doze.
For moments at a time
I am right there
And I canít keep my hips from rhythmically thrusting
Someone slams a door
Rhythm broken, we change position
Why is it taking so long?
Donít worry.
His body rises and falls with quick breath
Stroke my balls
Touch the head
Itís so sensitive
Keep your hand there
I will tell you what to do
He whispers.
Feeling precum
I fall in
With the dance of hand and cock and breath
Sex trance
Early morning twilight

Holding him
His breath rises and falls
His skin chamois underhand
My breasts splayed against his side
His left hand squeezes the flesh over my ribs
Holds me to him
Partner in his pleasure.

Rhythm faster, tension building
Close, very close
My hand flat, expectant canvas
Warm wet cum
Pulsing splash
Goes on
For secondsÖ.again,
Again, again
I understand that
I know about that
Spirals up