Erotic Poetry: I Love the Way

I Love the Way

I love the way you look at me
And the way that your eyes seem to caress my skin
Sending ripples of desire licking along my flesh
Even before you reach out to draw me near

I love the way you stand in the way
And wonít let me by until you get a kiss
The way that your lips move over mine
Claiming me without even a spoken word

I love the way my name sounds
When it rolls in a sweet caress from your lips
As if you were making love to me
Just by softly calling out my name

I love the way that you touch me
In a soft caress with gentle fingertips
As if you were touching the wings of a butterfly
In reverence to the woman standing before you

I love the way that you make be feel so safe
Strong in the reality of what we share
Knowing that no one else can make me feel the way
That you do every minute of every day of our life together

I love the way that you make me feel so beautiful
Even when Iím in shorts and a simple t-shirt
With my hair pulled back in a pony-tail
And glasses tipped on the edge of my nose

I love the way that you hold me at night
Lost in the sweet embrace of your arms
Our bodies joined as one in an exquisite dance
Eternally lost in one anotherís passions