Erotic Poetry: Natalia



What wonders do you hide within you?
Behind zipper, belt and cloth;
What song
Would your fresh belly sing
To the man you granted entrance?
And how would it feel
To sing?

Hardest are the darkened hours without you by my side
Hardest is to sit and wonder “oh what could have been”
All the while jerking yonder
To thoughts of all that should have passed
Thinking maybe “she’s got style” but I ain’t missin’ much

Because when I close my eyes I see your legs
Stretching up white and pale
Milky and thin
Thighs full with warm girlflesh
Your ankles bony, bony on my shoulders
Little heels together behind my neck
Pressing their instinctual song.

And what should I care
If you have sung before
Even if to another?
I just want your cunt to tell me
The truth of my existence.
I know it can
I know to enter you
From behind
To slip my hardened rod between those truthful-tightened folds
To feel your nails writing their glory on my back
To have your hips rotate, circle, squeeze, tighten
With a caress of your slick muscle
I know it would tell me something.

Then I would flip you over – to look into your eyes, to see
To watch them tighten, to see your face contort
Your pretty golden little face
As I delivered you your own truth
Between your legs
Up, up, and in
In deep inside of you.

And if even still you did not sing loud enough
If my truth was still lost in the air, over the sheets, beyond your outstretched arm
Amidst your cries and your pleas of passion
I may take you
Open you up wider
See what I could determine with my shaft buried in your core
Could I reach all your wonders?

And then it would come to me
To spank you
To have you up against the desk, bent over, your ass grinding into me
My palm smacking your cheek firmly
Eliciting your cry

And to release my seed all over your flat warm belly
To watch the milky sperm convulse from my cock
Onto your abdomen
To feel your soft skin against my hard shaft
Until finally, drained, I’d know
Why I was born.