Erotic Poetry: The Mistake

The Mistake

A mistake - a misplaced glance
That arched into some uncontrollable need.
Something so primal
-- This need --
That to resist the pull would prove futile.
It lead us to
Another mistake - a tentative touch,
A whispered caress,
That sent all nerves up in flames,
Burning an melting all lasting resistance
Into a puddle of desire.
Control broke as the senses dominated.
Reasoning fled as the instinctive lead
The glance to a touch,
The touch to a kiss --
Probably another enormous mistake, though neither cared.
The kiss was carnal,
Devouring all given and forcefully urging
More, more, more...
With lips sliding across each other,
Teeth gently biting, tongues battling,
Breath racing, my heart pounding.
In unrestrained urgency, all cloth barriers removed,
And passion burst with the delight of skin;
One rough and masculine,
The other soft and feminine,
Met and fused and savored the budding anticipation --
The rising yearning, the climbing pleasure --
Filling every sensation till they explode
With the force of a dying star.
Wave after wave of pulsating aphrodisia
Bringing a screaming shock of pleasure.
With slowed movements, heavy breaths,
And freed lethargic minds --
The weight of male above,
Coated with a fine misting of sweat,
Smelling of the deep male musk
Felt strangely satisfying.
Then he shifted and tucked me into his protection,
And I lay there with my eyes tightly shut --
Living within the moment,
Within the mistake,
With him --
Relishing in the gentle rise and fall of his chest,
The now languid beating of his heart,
The feel of his listless hand
Resting on the dip of my back,
The intoxicating knowledge
Of him, being there, with me --
And of our incredible mistake.