Erotic Stories

Zoey's Girlfriend

Here's another short story. As I've mentioned before, a longer work is being in production right now, it's maybe half done and will take me quite a bit longer to write. I'll try and continue these short stories to keep my 'at least once a week' postings. Oh yeah, and as far as High School Love is c

Z is for ZoŽ

*** Transgender-themed stories which I hope will be of interest to those who like women, or would like to be a woman. Which includes me! *** My name is ZoŽ. Sometimes. At least that's how I like to think of myself. A sexy name for a sexy lady. Again, that's how I like to think of myself. For the

Your Waitresses

We have not submitted anything for almost a year as daily life as certainly been in the way for ALL of us. My wife and I decided this one would be a slight change to the previous submissions. It is all fantasy but we both would enjoy bringing this one to "true" life if ever possible. Enjoy and we

Your First Flight

I've always enjoyed stories in which you get to choose the main character, as I've done here (it's set in 1st person perspective but also in 2nd person perspective). I've purposefully made it vague so you can fill in the details to your own liking. Also, I should have mentioned this before but if a

Your Best Damn Girlfriend Ever

There are times in a young man's life when it is so full of fun and sex that it's a wonder they survive. College is one of those times for many young men and it certainly was for me. I attended a small private collage in southwestern Ohio at a time when the world seemed to be totally focused on it's

Young Sissy Ch. 03

"Pleez...por favor...pretty pleez...fuck me..." I looked up at her with tears in my eyes, pleading to be penetrated. I didn't have to beg...nothing in the world would have stopped Lola from spraying her seed deep inside my ass...but I know it's what they wanted to hear. I regretted it immediately...

Young Sissy Ch. 02

I was walking in a field, the cool grass crushed softly between my toes, the sun warm on my skin, the smells of spring were in the air and every deep breath I took filled my lungs with the promise of a fresh start and new hope. The sky was a flawless blue and looked clear enough to take a swim in. E

Young Sissy Ch. 01

Author's Note: This is a follow up to The Young Master series. You can start here if you aren't interested in Belle's misadventures as spoiled young man turned out by his own sissy slave and eventually enslaved by his step-father, but it does introduce a lot of characters you'll read about in this s

Young Master Ch. 05

I was running through the mansion, being chased by something so horrifying that I didn't dare to turn around and see what it was. I tried to find my room, but the once familiar hallways were now disjointed and strange, as if the building had be rearranged and some pieces had been replaced with imita

Young Master Ch. 04

"I can explain..." I was standing in a French Maid outfit, with a sissy's cum still dripping from my chin because as usual she missed a spot, and I had just been caught bent over a desk getting pounded from behind...all I needed to make it the perfect shit storm was for Dale to notice my cock was st

Young Master Ch. 03

"That's a good little, sissy. I told you that you could take the whole thing." I feel a sense of ashamed accomplishment as her smooth balls rest on my chin and I smell her intoxicating mix of pomegranate and a hint of musk as my nose crushes into her flawless, taut torso. This was the last time. It

Young Master Ch. 02

There I was, still impaled on a shemale's cock, one belonging to what was supposed to be my sissy slave, wearing her bra, her cum on my cheek along with my post-fuck smeared make-up, and my cum running down the full length mirror. "I fell" wasn't the best explanation for what happened, but it was al

Young Master Ch. 01

It was supposed to be the best day of my life...and maybe it was, but definitely not in the way I planned. My 21st first day as a man, as a true lord of the first day as a Master. I was so nervous I threw up my lunch. Not very manly, I know, but just the thought of having

Young Guy Goes To College Ch. 05

Sorry that this took so long to post. I will try to get the next chapter out quicker if there is positive response. * The sound of my sister Robin and her incredibly hot roommate Kelly coming down the stairs to my hopefully new girlfriend, Julie's room had me scared to death. It's not that either

Young Guy Goes To College Ch. 04

Sorry this chapter took so long to post... As I stepped outside for the first time dressed completely in girl's clothes I started to think how I ended up in this situation. Everything I was wearing belonged to my sister Robin but I was dressed up by my new girlfriend Julie, one of Robin's roommates

Young Guy Goes To College Ch. 03

I awoke with the fantastic sensation of Julie sucking on my cock. In the past twelve hours or so, I finally got to see a girl naked (two actually counting seeing Kelly in the shower), received a hand job for the first time, had a girl suck on my cock, and YES...finally got laid. This was by far the

Young Guy Goes To College Ch. 02

Thank you all for the great comments and votes. It helps keep my motivation going. As I woke in the morning I could feel Julie's body pressed next to me. I realized that this wasn't just a dream. I had actually gotten to "third base" with a girl. Granted I was still a virgin on the day after my eig

Young Guy Goes To College Ch. 01

This might be a little long, but I wanted to set the stage. If there are good comments and votes I'll continue As I sit in class today on my 22nd birthday I have this realization. When you ask most people, "What was the most significant thing that ever happened to you?" they might be able to give y

Young for Hung Ch. 01

This is for my beloved Chris. I feel like I am addicted. Like I will go mad if I donít get it. But I am choosy too. I want it hard and big enough to choke me. I want cock and now. I never knew I would go so crazy for it, but after my first encounter I was hooked like a junkie. I love sucking it and

Young Crossdress, Meets His Daddy

Well I am 28 year old male, not in best of shape. I can still run a mile in under 15 minutes, and I work 3 to 4 times a week. I try to stay in shape a little bit. Well that is enough about my physical appearance. I am also married to very beautiful wife, who I love more then the world. We have very