Erotic Story: An Unexpected Evening

An Unexpected Evening

Quietly and smoothly, she pads into his study, tired from a long day at work, but happy to be home. Walking up to his chair where he is sitting working on his computer, she kneels down quietly, her face downcast as she waits. Patiently she waits, resting on her heels as he continues working, intent on his project. She startles slightly at the sound of his voice, his eyes not turning to look at her, as he speaks.

"I have laid out some clothes for you on the bed. Put them on, then wait by the front door for me."

"Yes, Master." Gracefully, she rises back up to her feet and silently pads out of the room, walking down the hallway and turning into their shared bedroom. Eyes widening in surprise, she looks at the dress, surprised to find her long black evening gown lain out for her. A small smile plays across her lips as she slips out of her work clothes, setting them aside.

Reaching down to pick up the dress, she holds it to her skin briefly, enjoying the feel of it against her bare skin as she slips it on. Turning to look into the mirror, she pauses a moment to admire the dress. She slowly traces her fingertip down the plunging neckline over her smooth skin, and smiles at the hint of thigh peaking as her leg presses against the slit. Reaching up, her fingers run over the smooth steel ring of the collar on her neck, the only Jewelry adorning her body. She smiles to herself, satisfied that everything is as it should be as she goes to wait by the front door for him, her head bowed.

A couple minutes later, he enter the room, dressed in his own formal tuxedo. Silently, he admires her for a moment, his eyes rolling along the curve of her hips and the swell of her breasts accentuated by soft, delicate fabric. Walking up to her, he hooks his fingertip under her chin, tilting her face up as he looks into her eyes. "Do you trust me?" he asks her, fully confident of what her answer will be.

Trembling slightly at those words, she replies quietly, her voice whispery. "Of course, Master." He nods in approval, dropping his hand from her chin to reach into his pocket. His eyes remained locked onto hers, watching as she seems them widen as he starts to pull out a long length of delicate steel chain, draping it over his other hand.

Reaching down to take her hand in his, he lowers the hook hanging at the end of the lead and lowers it into her hand before closing her fingers around it. "Show me," he orders, his voice firm and confident. Shivering, she takes the end, and reaches up, hooking it to the smooth steel collar at her neck. "Very good, My pet," he acknowledges with a nod, watching as he sees her chest start to rise and fall faster in excitement.

Silently, he reaches into the front of his, pulling out a long, rolled silk scarf, running his fingers along it before speaking again. "Turn around," he commands in his quiet but firm voice, watching as she turns in front of him. Watching as she turns silently, he nods in approval, tracing his fingers along the smooth, bare skin of her back. Quietly, he takes the scarf, and raises it above her head before lowering in front of her eyes, wrapping it and tying the blindfold in a firm, secure knot, letting the ends hang down with her hair.

Smiling, he opens the door and gently pulls on the lead, motioning her to walk, his eyes watching her carefully as they walk down the front path of their home, his hand tapping her shoulder to stop her before she hears him open the car door, gently guiding her in and shutting the door. He walks around and enters, reaching over to take her hand and squeeze it gently, reassuring her before starting to drive in silence, letting the sense of anticipation build as they take the seemingly long drive to their destination.

When they arrive, he reaches over and squeezes her hand again softly, and she listens as he climbs out, hearing his footsteps and the mill of people around before he opens the door, taking the chain lead and her hand again to guide her back to her feet. She hears the crowd around outside hush as they notice her, as well as the jingle of keys being passed before hearing the door slam again, the car starting back up as the valet parks the car for him. She trembles in excitement as he leans over and whispers into her ear silently. "We're almost there. I won't let anything happen to you that I don't want to happen."

She nods silently as she holds his hand, squeezing it tightly as he starts to lead her into the building, the crowd around them hushing as they walk by. He takes her off to the side, and silently guides her up the stairs, watching carefully to make sure she doesn't trip over her dress or the steps as he leads her off to the side, and through a set of doors. There he stops her once again, stepping behind her, and untying the the blindfold.

Blinking, she looks around, trying to see where she is, her eyes taking in the view of the theater below her, watching as the crowd mills around and chats in the seats below them. Looking around more carefully, the takes note of the box seat, the comfortable plush seats moved next to each other as they look down to the theater below. She turns and looks at him, her eyes bright as she looks to him for guidance, a look of questioning on her face.

"I knew you've been wanting to see this since you heard they were in town. I was reluctant, but decided that you deserved a special treat, but on my own terms." Pulling gently at the lead again, he guides her into one of the seats before sitting down next to her, wrapping an arm around her and holding her close as the lights start to go down, the orchestra in the pit finishing their tuning.

The music starts playing, and soon she is entranced, watching as the marvelous production below her begins, getting lost in the show, watching as the singing and dancing goes on below them, as she clutches his arm tightly, occasionally leaning up to kiss his cheek.

Intermission arrives, and they sit quietly, holding each other close and commenting on the show, but the feel of the collar and chain still very prominent. As the second act begins, he runs his down to her bare thigh, tracing his fingers slowly up and down her soft skin, gently pushing her thighs apart silently, his own eyes continuing to watch the show. Slowly they continue tracing up close to her bare sex, before dragging back down, making her squirm slightly in her chair.

Silently, with the shadows hiding a grin on his face, he reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a small object, holding it in the palm of his hand before tracing his fingertips back up her thighs, this time letting them slowly tease around her pussy lips, making her squirm slightly in her chair, spreading her thighs wider for him. Smiling at her reaction, he takes the small egg and gently pushes it against her damp lips, pushing it inside her slowly, smiling at her reaction, before pulling his hand free.

She looks at him and pouts, before settling back in, curled up against him as she squirms slightly in her chair, her thighs rubbing together as she reluctantly turns her attention back to the show. She smiles, and as soon as her attention has shifted back to the stage, she suddenly feels a buzz inside her, finding out that the egg he had slid into her was remote controlled. She turns to look at him inquisitively, wondering what he's up to.

Raising his eyebrows, he keeps his face passive, turning to watch the stage pointedly. She leans up against him shivering in pleasure, her breathing quickening as she clutches tight against her arm. Suddenly, she feels it shut off, leaving her trembling in confusion and desire as she remains pressed up against him, panting softly. He looks over and whispers softly into her ear. "Is everything alright, my pet?"

"Everything is perfect, Master," she pants as she presses tight against his arm, her thighs rubbing together. As she squirms against them.

Smiling at her response, he reaches back into his pocket, palming another small item. Grinning, he whispers into her ear, "The night is still young, my pet...", tracing his fingers along the neckline of her dress. Quietly, he slips his hand under the cloth, and tweaks her stiffening nipple to full hardness, before attaching a small tweezer clamp, tightening it around the hard bud. Feeling her jump at the sensation, he shifts his hand over and attaches the other clamp, before tracing the connecting chain down below the neckline of the dress.

"Oh yes... the night is definitely still young..." he grins as the turns the egg back on, shifting his attention back to the show.