Erotic Story: Descent into Darkness Ch. 02

Descent into Darkness Ch. 02

Thanks to everyone who commented. The attempt here is to tell a story. There will be more parts including Jim's take on the whole thing and later on, what happened afterward. All comments whether good or bad is gratefully accepted.


Okay, before I start, let me say my entire life I have been a fraud and a hypocrite. Yes, it is true I met and fell in love with John in High School and we married soon after. We also had three beautiful children soon after. All this is true. What is a lie, is the prim and proper lady like façade- the woman who would not kiss in public, the women who did not like anal sex- all that is crap.

It is also sadly true that, I kept my real sexuality secret from my family. I insisted we attend church regularly, kept giving my children lessons in morality and how they should be faithful to their spouse. Oh, what lies.

Oh, I loved sex in every way particularly anal sex, but not with John. The truth is that his weener is not sufficient for me. He will not admit it but it is small, he does not know how to satisfy a woman and he came too bloody quickly for me. I never came with him but did he notice, no way. All he cared about was getting his rocks off. I only stayed with him because he earned more than I could spend and then the kids came along and I was forced to stay on.

What do I look like? My lovers (yes, there were many) call me good looking, and even with three children and 40 years under the belt, I can still turn men's heads. I am a natural brunette though I bet John does not know that. I am 5'7", about 60 kgs and big tits 36D. I bet John wouldn't know that either. My ass is the best part of me and I get a lot of attention because of it.

The day I lost my virginity to John was the most disappointing one in my life. So much hype and so little action. It happened ( sounds like a cliché but it is true) in the back of his car. A quick undressing, a little fondling, no oral sex and a lot of pain. A very disappointing episode if ever there was one.

The first time I tried anal with John was a fucking disaster. He didn't know what to do, had no lubrication, did not excite me and then just pushed it in. It bloody hurt and I told him that that hole was out of bounds. He has always maintained that distance.

I admit he was the first man to ever make love to me or even to fuck me but not the only one after I married him. I have had many men in my life both for a small meal on the side and as a professional whore. The one who really pushed all my buttons was Daniel, a work colleague of John, who strangely enough managed to find time to for me to go to his pad while John was at work. I still don't know how he did it.

After that I got pregnant for the first time and my days out with Daniel in his pad came to an end. One day, after John had left, I heard the doorbell ring and I found Daniel at the door. He wanted to have a session of sex.

I looked shocked and took him in. Inside, I said,

"Look what we do away from this house is OK, but you can't come here. Some neighbour will here and tell my husband."

"Well baby, you can fuck me or I'll let your husband find out", was his reply

I got real angry and said, "I don't care about your fucking blackmail and you can get lost but I am horny and would love a fuck. I am just worried about the baby"

"Well darling", he said, "I'll be real gentle and I'll only fuck your ass"

"No way, John tried it and he nearly tore me up"

"Hey babe", he replied, "your hubby is no fucking good at fucking. That is why you fuck me. Let me teach you what fun you can have with your booty"

I took the bait. I let him lead me to the bedroom and slowly undress me. It was an art form with him. First he started by kissing me, on my lips, then on my neck. Then he slowly licked my neck while at the same time caressing my breasts, through the T-shirt. Then he pulled the shirt up just enough to play with my tits through the bra and kept on with that. He slowly rubbed my nipples and kept on playing with the tis. The nipples were soon standing up and very very excited. The cream in my pussy was just pouring out. Off came the T-shirt and then the bra and he gave my tits more attention with his mouth and lips while he squeezed my ass through the pants. Oh, I was wet and incredibly horny. I pulled my own pants and stood there in just my panties while he was playing with my tits. He slid one finger into my panties and then into my pussy and started a slow finger-fuck. Man that was in a league of its own. Finally, when I could take no more, he pulled my panties down

When I was undressed, he continued with my tits- I guess he is a tits man. My pussy took on a mind of its own and started getting wetter and wetter. I lay on the bed, opened my legs and invited him in. He is just terrific at eating pussy. He took his time and ate slowly and methodically, concentrating on the tasty bits that excited me. My clit is particularly sensitive and he worshipped it. In about ten minutes, he said he needed to fuck me for a while and I was too far gone to object- all thoughts of the baby had gone.

He put his prick to my mouth and I sucked it like a hungry person offered food after a week of going without. I started with licking the tip and then the head. The underside is particularly sensitive and I slid my tongue on it. He made soft encouraging voices and I put it in my mouth and gave him a blowjob he will not forget. I sucked and I made him moan and groan like no man has ever done before or after that. He fucked me very gently in the mouth at first and then very hard indeed. Boy did it feel good. Pretty soon I was creaming and moaning.

Finally, he pulled out of my mouth and said, "Baby, time for the real thing. Remember your asshole will stretch but you gotta relax. Nothing hurts if you relax. Fighting it makes it pain."

Then he got out an empty wine bottle and lube. He turned me over --doggy style and licked the opening of my ass-hole. This was really good. No one had ever done that to me before. He ate out my ass better than John ever ate my pussy and at that point I realised what a lousy lover John was. He then lubed my ass and slowly inserted the bottle. It was not painful and actually felt good. He pushed it in and out for a while and then began fucking me with it. It was really very good. He then got himself ready. Plenty of lube on the cock and still more in the ass.

It was the moment of a lifetime. He touched the tip of his cock to my ass hole. I tensed up and tried to pull away. He told me to relax and not to try to get away. If the bottle didn't hurt, he would not either. His cock slowly pushed in. It hurt like mad and I felt the pop as the pain caused me to scream. I just bit my lip as it was in the day time and I was at home, with prying neighbours all around. . He pulled out and pushed in again and again and again. The first few thrusts were painful, the next few tolerable and then I started feeling good. His cock was big and felt real good inside me, no matter which hole. Soon I was pushing back at him and begging for more. He laughed and said something about how he knew I would love anal. Finally after what seemed to be a long time, he pulled out and told me to suck his cock.

"No way, you know where that has been"

"Baby, you thought you wouldn't like anal and you loved it. Now you try this and you will love it too."

So, I did it and he was right- my ass juices tasted good. I started off with a tentative lick of the tip and tasted my ass juices. I then licked the head giving him a chance to enjoy the sensation. His moans told me I was on the right path. I kept doing that till he begged me to take his cock in my mouth. I teased him a little more but did what he wanted and gave him a magnificent blow job Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and soon so did Daniel. He said, "I'm cumming baby" and he shot off his load in my mouth. It tasted wonderful mixed with my ass juices.

That hooked me. From then on, Daniel could fuck my ass whenever he wanted and he wanted it often during the pregnancy. Thank goodness John's job kept him away most of the day.

This went on for a few years, three children came along grew up and started school. By this time Daniel had been replaced by many others, but my craving for anal sex continued though I liked the straight pussy-fuck as well. It all depended on the man. If he could not make me cum he got the flick.

After the kids started school, time started to drag during the day. Then, one fateful day, John took me to a work party where I met Julie, another work wife. We got to talking and became friends and she invited herself over when John was not there and it was her that brought up the topic of boring sex with boring husbands. She then told me that she had quite a few men while her husband was away and "I get paid well for it"

When I asked further all she told me was to talk to John's boss, Graham privately at his place and gave me a cell number. I did that and he asked me to come over one day when John was at work.

Graham was a big, handsome (in a rugged sort of way) fellow who put me at ease immediately. We spoke for some time about life, about John, about the kids and then he asked me, " OK, what do you want- why are you here?"

I made him promise that whatever I told him would stay between us and then told him all about my men, how I cheated on John, how I loved anal and all types of sex. I told him that I have never tried so many things including lesbian sex and group sex and I would love to do that too. Finally I said, "I don't want to keep giving it away for free."

"Well", he said, " I ay be able to help but let me see the goods on offer. Take off everything and then let's see."

So, I showed him the goods, so to speak and then he simply dropped his pants showing me a beautiful big uncut cock and asked me to suck him. No hesitation on my part, I was the best cock sucker around and I knelt down and held onto that title.

Smooth, big, hard, strong, beautiful are some words that came to mind. I played with the head ant then licked it. I slowly started running circles on his cock head with my tongue. He started moaning. I put the tip in my mouth and started the actual sucking. His moans and groans got louder and more and more unrestrained. . Suddenly, he held my head and pushed his entire prick in. I relaxed my jaw and throat muscles and let it slide in. Then I simply knelt there and let him fuck my mouth. In and out slowly at first, he developed a tempo and his moans got louder and stronger. The feeling was really good even though he treated me as his slut. I felt the cream in my pussy flow and I got more and more excited.

Then he stopped, pulled it out and said, " Let's see what your pussy can do!"

He pulled me up and onto the bed, spread out my legs and rubbed my clit. I remember always leaving my snatch unshaved. He seemed to love that and kept telling me how nice a nice thatch of hair was. Then he started eating me. Boy, oh boy, was he good at that. He started at the clit and slowly worked his way to the actual cunt. Every touch of his tongue was like an electric current through my body. He kept on with that for a time and would occasionally lick my ass. He worked around and around in circles driving me mad. I was screaming in a few seconds, wrapped my legs around his head and started pushing my pussy into his face. He went on and on and I lost touch with time but I came and came and came again and again.

He then stood up, and without a word pushed his cock deep into me in one hard push and I gasped in pleasure. John never had that effect on me. The animal lust on his face while he pounded into me was truly memorable. On and on he went and he didn't stop, till he turned me over and fucked me in the ass without lube. This was a first for me but it was sheer bliss. No pain whatsoever! I came again and again and finally so did he. He made me lick his prick off when he finished and I enjoyed myself.

Then he laid out the deal for me. My lord was I surprised. Turns out John's company was a front for the mob. John was neck deep in very questionable and illegal activities but he did not know it. He thought he was doing the accounts of a legit firm. He was a manager of some the legitimate fronts of the company and did not know much of the back office deals. If I accepted I would become a company escort for the entertainment of company executives and customers. I would be paid and John would be promoted and kept out of town for longer periods of time so that he never found out. If I refused, after knowing all this, the entire family would vanish and never be heard from again.

The choice was fucking for money and pleasure, or dying along with my family, and I knew what I wanted. I became a company whore and started doing various strangers as Graham would ask me to. There was nothing I would not do and the money flowed in. It is incredible that John never worked it out, but he was incredibly stupid and trusted me completely. I hope he has learnt his lesson.

I enjoyed those years. The company provided the babysitters and made sure John was away when my services were needed. I did single persons, couples, lesbian sex, anal sex, orgies and almost any deviation that you could think of. No, I lie. I never had a gang bang.

Then came the crunch. The law found out something about the company and started digging. The mob hid most of its underhand dealings and found a few scapegoats- one of whom was John. The fact that I performed special jobs helped him and all they did was sack him. The cops were hard at our heels and no jobs were forthcoming. We managed for sometime on my other income till finally John cracked and asked me to look for a job. I then contacted Graham who came me Jim Morris' number and told me to contact him.

I told John I would be looking for a job and he said asked what work I could do. I said, " I don't know. I'll try to learn something".

Jim Morris was a very tall handsome black man, who was very reserved but insisted I drink something he prepared for me. I have no idea what it was but after that, I felt very cooperative. The interview was very formal. The standard questions about me, what I did. I had to tell him the details of what sex activities I performed for Graham and John's old company. He then asked about my family and children and what John did and everything else. There was no hint of anything sexual other than the stories of my escapades. He then said, "I think I can use someone like you and your husband. I need you both here for a weekend orientation but remember I am taking on your husband only because of you. So make sure he is nice to me."

With that the interview came to an end and I was ushered out. His secretary gave me details of time and date and I went home. When I checked the time, I realised I had been in there much longer than the conversation I remembered but I put that down to bad memory. Something in me told me I had to make John happy so he would come with me for that weekend.

He wasn't home. I went up, dressed up sexy and waited for him. Then I told him he could have a job if he came away for the weekend. The look on his face told me everything. He was sold on the idea but a little nookie would not hurt. So, I took him up to the bedroom and put on a little show for him. To the beat of a CD, I stripped and danced for him and then undressed him. He took me on the floor and I realise now that it was the last time and thank God for that. It was the most pathetic performance ever. He lasted barely a few seconds, and I could not get off.

I just could not wait for the weekend and told the kids we needed to go away for a job interview and orientation. I still remember the look in Vanessa's face which said, "You're going away for a dirty weekend and you tell us 'job interview'". The other two seemed anxious to get rid of us and do whatever teenagers do when alone. I packed some clothes for the two of us and took John and off we went. It was the most fateful weekend of our lives.

The weekend was strange, but I can't remember much of it. What I do remember is sitting in some kind of a suspended chair, drinking some strange liquid and a droning voice going on and on. What was said to me I can not remember. I do not remember even peeing or anything else but at the end of it, I was gently brought down and taken to a large bed room.

There was my lifetime fantasy come true, Jim Morris standing proud and tall in the middle of the room and my pathetic excuse for a man husband, John in the corner looking all stunned. On Jim's command, John came to me and started undressing me, all too slowly. Strangely enough he treated me as if I didn't exist and he had eyes only for Jim- for some strange reason I felt like calling him Master and since then I always have. I was eager to get my gear off and that stupid husband of mine was slow, very very slow. I kept trying to get him to be faster but he was very slow.

The top was off and then the skirt. I tried to do a little jiggle of my tits for the Master but John came on up and unclasped my bra. It felt very strange. Before that, when he unclasped my bra, he would touch my tits and start playing with them. This time he barely noticed them, so I held them up and showed them to the Master. I squeezed them, played with the nipples and presented the perky tits for the Master to view. I put on quite a show and I could see a faint smile on his face. I got more and more excited as John finally got around to removing my panties and letting Master see my bush in all its glory.

The Master did not look pleased at that and he got John to shave me. I lay down more than pleased to show off my pussy to my new master. I spread my legs and then opened the lips of my love bud with my hands and made sure that Master could see. I started playing with my clit while John got all ready but did he notice? Oh no! All he cared about was the Master and making him happy. His touch on me felt so disgusted but my Master wanted it cleaned and I was happy to open up.

He used no cream just a little water and shaved me. It hurt but nothing could hurt while my Master was watching and happy at me. Finally my pussy was cleared of its bush and I was getting horny thinking of my Master fucking me. Instead I got John sticking his head between my legs and giving me what he thought was oral sex. A pathetic lick of the pussy, very little attention to the clit and not enough excitement anyway as by that time I had grown to hate him.

In order to get him away I faked cumming and he was pushed away by my Master. He was strong and forceful. He pulled my legs further apart and without any hesitation started stroking my pussy with his cock. A slow touch, rhythmic patting at first drove me mad. The strokes got faster and stronger and the creaming started and I got wetter and wetter. He kept on rubbing me so nicely that I came. He sensed that and then put the head of his cock at the opening to my hole. It was exquisite. The feeling of finally becoming my Master's slave in every way.

He then pushed himself into me and I groaned, both with relief and pleasure. His cock filled me and entered all the way to the tip of my womb. His cock entered in places that had never been touched before and many cocks had been in there before. Deep and hard he went and then pulled out for just a second before ramming it in again. In and out it went and I could feel it very deep inside, practically to the core of my body and soul. I have made love, I have fucked, I have even had animal coupling but what this was I can not describe. I suppose it was a complete surrender of body and soul, my giving myself to my new master, giving in to his physical powers.

At that moment I gave myself completely to Master Jim and decided to dedicate my life to making him happy. My greatest pleasure was not from the cock filling me up but from watching John looking dazed at his wife being fucked like a wanton and enjoying it. I decided to make a show of it and give him more to watch. I started moaning and chanting " fuck me, fuck me, fuck me....." Very softly between that, I told Master Jim to fuck my ass and he obliged.