Erotic Story: Dianna's Birthday Surprise

Dianna's Birthday Surprise

Dianna set on the park bench and waited nervously. She couldn't believe that she's wearing the dress that Ron asked her to wear. It was slinky, the top was cut down to the bottom of her breasts, she moved wrong the girls would be out. Ron had told her that her breasts were perfect and they need to be displayed. She was also worried about the length of the dress; it barely covered her subject matter. But she did admit to herself that she was enjoying the looks from the men that passed by the bench.

While she waited her mind wandered and contemplated how she got where she is today, on the bench barely wearing anything and waiting for a complete stranger to pick her up. Dianna loved her husband and her family and didn't want to do anything to hurt them. But, her husband hasn't touched her in years and she was horny and needed to do something about it. She met Ron online, on a amateur pornography site. Sure they called it erotica but she knew it was really just porn. She wasn't sure about Ron, he was older and she preferred younger men, and he seemed like a pervert, but she was horny enough to see where things would go. She had no idea what Ron had planned today, but if it was like any of his stories he had written she was willing to try it. They had agreed on a Safe Word, "Cam Newton," the man who brought them together. She was a Carolina fan and Ron was a Denver fan and they made a bet that if the Broncos won she would send Ron a sexy picture, and if the Panthers won he would write her a story. When the Broncos won she sent him a very sexy picture of her toweling off after a shower. Now she was waiting on a park bench for him.

Dianna didn't even know what Ron was driving, she seen pictures on his Facebook site of a red Hyundai, and watched for it. While she sat and thought about the possibilities of the day she began to get wet, and wished she could touch her self. She put on her headphones and started rocking out to "Bullet for my Valentine," she closed her eyes and put her head back and listened to the music. She felt the sun massaging her almost naked body and relaxed. Soon she felt like someone was watching her and looked up to see two young thugs checking her out. She took her headphones off in time to hear one of them say, "dude that's a hot MILF!" Then the boy sat down beside her and the other one on the other side. Dianna was scared, these guys looked rough. Just as one of them reached to put his arm around her a large motor home pulled up. Dianna looked up and seen Ron get out of the drivers door. Ron walked up totally ignoring the boys around her and held out both of his hands to her; she grasped them and pulled herself up with Ron's help. Ron pulled her into him and kissed her hard on the mouth. The boys cheered as Ron letter by the hand to the motor home.

Dianna did not have much time to inspect the motor home, she did see a door to what she thought was the master bedroom as Ron handed her a blindfold and told her to put it on. After she put it on he led her to a couch that was made out into a bed and laid her down and kissed her again.

"You relax here and listen to music until I tell you different." Ron said in a stern but loving voice as he placed her headphones back on her head.

"Yes sir," was all she said.

It seemed that they had been driving for hours but in reality it was only a few minutes. Dianna listened to her music as she felt the swaying of the motor home and she could feel the vibration of its motor. Dianna's horniness was so strong that she felt drunk. After a few minutes she felt the motor home come to a stop and the engine turned off. She turned her music off so she could listen. She became more nervous but also more excited. She heard the driver side door close and then she heard the motor home door open. She wanted to pull her blindfold down see what was going on.

"Oh you're a bad girl you turned your music off," said Ron as he reached to her phone and turn the volume back up.

"Sorry sir," she said as she felt Ron lifting her by the shoulders. Then he tossed her across his lap as if she was a rag doll. She felt her dress being pulled up uncovering her buttocks. Then she felt the sharp sting of Ron's hand slapping her ass, slapped her right cheek twice, and then twice on the left, then one lower partially connecting with her

clitoris. She moaned loudly. Ron pushed her back onto the bed gently. She could feel him tying her hands above her head. Then she felt him secure the hands to the headboard. The next thing she felt was Ron grabbing her ankles and pulling her down on the bed. Ron tied her legs spread eagle and she couldn't move.

"Oh my God what have I gotten myself into?" She thought as she felt nervous, scared, and vulnerable. Then she felt Ron's hands lightly caressing her face and moving down across her neck, working their way down. His hand slipped under her dress and each found a breast and he lightly twisted her nipples. His mouth was now on her neck and following the same path that his hands took. His mouth stopped at her left breast as he slowly licked and nibbled until he found her nipple. He sucked the nipple in to his mouth and lightly bit on it. While his mouth assaulted her other breast his hand had found her clitoris. Then his mouth replaced the hand and started sucking on her clit while his fingers slowly fucked her pussy. Dianna was close to cumming with the first man other than her husband in many years. She arched her back and tried to moan, her mouth was wide open, but no sound would come out. Just as she was about to cum Ron stopped and got off of the bed. The music was too loud for her to hear anything.

Dianna lay there wondering what Ron was up to. She could vaguely hear sounds over the music; she thought she heard a door open. Then she felt Ron's hands grabbing her dress at her cleavage and she felt as he tore the dress off of her. Then she felt a hand lightly caressing her body starting at her neck and working its way down. Lightly brushing her skin, it gave her goose bumps. Then a second hand started at her feet lightly brushing her skin on her leg working its way up on the inside of her thigh. She tried to open her legs more but the ropes kept her from doing it. Then she felt the third hand, and then a fourth. "Oh my God there are other guys here, what if they hurt me."

Ron kissed her mouth lightly as he reached around to untie the blindfold. "Ready for your birthday surprise sexy?"

Opening her eyes she saw the two young men that were at the park bench."

"Relax honey; this is Jared and Rocky, two of my friends. I showed them your picture and ask them if they would help me with your fantasy and of course they agreed. I know you like younger men; this is my gift to you."

Dianna didn't Say a word as they each began to untie her arms and legs. Ron sat down in a chair at the end of the bed and watched as the two young men began their assault on her body. Jared kneeled at the top of the bed by her head and started playing with her hair; weaving his fingers in and out as if he was discovering the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. And then bent down and kissed her lips lightly at first. Dianna was all into the kiss is Jared's tongue into her mouth and played with hers. She was so into the kiss that she didn't even feel as Rocky licked his way up her leg and found her pussy.

"My God this lady is wet," Rocky said as his tongue slowly licked the length of her pussy to the bottom. Then back up again and he would lightly suck on her clit. He would suck on her clit for a few seconds and then his tongue would slide down again this time all the way to her ass hole, his tongue circled her ass hole then back to her pussy.

Jared's mouth slid off of hers and kissed and nibbled its way to her ear. "I can't wait for that beautiful pussy of yours," he whispered. She moaned loudly. His mouth took its time working across her face and down her neck and to her breasts. Her left hand was running its fingers through Jared's hair and her right hand did the same to Rocky's between her legs. She looked over at Ron and Seen that he had his cock out and was stroking it as he watched.

Dianna came hard in Rocky's mouth, she was breathing hard and moaning as Jared straddled her head and offered his cock to her lips. She took the head into her mouth and began to suck and nibble on it. Jared reached under her head and lifted it up and began to fuck her mouth. She could feel his member growing with each thrust and wondered how big it would get. Jared Worked his penis deeper and deeper and she began to gag. He would pull out a little bit until she stopped gagging then go down deeper. She wasn't sure how much more she could take when she felt his balls on her chin. Rocky now had three fingers in her pussy and was sucking hard on her clit. She came again, hard. When she moaned Jared shot his load in her throat. She was surprised that even though Jared had just came in her mouth he kept thrusting in and out. After he came he lost part of his erection but she could feel it slowly growing back to its hardest size.

She could feel Rocky lifting her buttocks and placing a pillow under her. Then she felt him positioned himself between her legs and placed the head of his cock into her pussy. She raised her hips to accept him. He worked his big dick slowly into her pussy. When he was about half way in stopped, and then plunged the rest of them in one quick thrust. Dianna gasped in pain. She thought about saying the safe word, but couldn't remember it. Then the pain turned to pleasure as he began to pound her pussy as hard as he could. Rocky fucked her hard for several minutes. Dianna lost count of how many orgasms she had. Rocky pulled out his dick and came on her stomach. Just as Rocky came so did Jared, on her tongue.

The young men got off the bed and left Dianna's sweating, panting and moaning. Ron got up and sat on the bed next to Dianna stroked her hair and said, "That was the first part, rest up for around two." Ron then bent down and kissed Dianna deeply.

The boys drank a beer while they waited for Dianna to catch her breath. Then Jared walked over to her and pulled her up into a sitting position, then told her, "I want you on your hands and knees." She was trembling as she got up and turned over and got on her hands and knees. Jared got behind her put both hands on her hips and pulled her body closer to the edge of the bed. Rocky positioned himself in front of her and offered his cock to her mouth. Dianna attacked Rocky's cock and deep throated it on the first thrust. Jared reached out and grabbed her hair pulling her mouth off of Rocky's manhood and started pounding her pussy hard. She was able to get her mouth back down to suck Rocky's cock as Jared continued fucking her hard.

The boys fucked her like this for a long time, Jared in her pussy, Rocky in her mouth. Then Jared pulled out and lied down next to her. Dianna knew what he wanted; she got on top of him and straddled him. She worked her hot wet pussy down on Jared's shaft. Rocky stood on the bed behind Dianna and reached under her arms and lifted her up and down on Jared's cock. He slammed her down so hard she knew she would have bruises on the inside of her thighs in the morning. Right now she didn't care, she loved it. After doing this for several minutes Rocky moved in front of her, still standing, and began to fuck Dianna mouth. Jared had her hair from behind, and Rocky pulled her hair from the sides. After several minutes of both dicks fucking her from both ends she felt Jared come deep in her pussy. Jared kept thrusting and she could feel his come dripping out of her cunt. She reached around to feel it.

"I'm going to cum, open your mouth!" Rocky pulled out and began stroking his penis but, Dianna turned her head. "I said open your mouth," Rocky said as he slapped her cheek then grabbed her chin and positioned it in front of his dick. She reluctantly opened her mouth he shot a huge load that partially went into her mouth, on her nose and her chin. The three of them collapsed on the bed, Jared on her right, Rocky on her left. They cuddled for several minutes.

After several minutes of resting Ron got up and walked over to Dianna and held out his hand. She accepted his hands and he pulled her off the bed and to her feet. He put his left arm around her and with his right hand felt the cum on her body and rubbed it around, then took a little on the tip of his finger and fed it to her. Dianna licked it off. Then Ron scooped a little more with his finger and put it in his mouth and kissed her. They kissed deeply for several minutes as Ron's hands began to roam. "Are you ready for part three?" Ron led her to the front of the motor home and to a ladder. Ron climbed the ladder first and got on the bed above the cab. Reached down and helped her climb up to the bed. She noticed that there were windows on both sides of the bed. Ron laid her down. Then he looked over to the boys and told them "the keys are in the ignition."

Ron and Dianna began making out and feeling each other up. She heard the motor home start and felt it moving. She wondered where they were going. Ron's hand found her pussy and began working the come out of it and rubbing it all over her. Then Ron started kissing and licking her whole body. After several minutes of this Dianna felt the motor home come to a stop and she heard the motor turn off. Just as she was about to look out the window to see where they were Ron's dick entered her pussy. He fucked her soft and passionately kissing her neck ears and mouth while he did. Then he pulled out and nudged her to roll over on her stomach. He got on top of her as she laid flat and put her legs together. He entered her from behind and again fucking her slowly at first and slowly building faster and harder. Just as she was about to come she heard voices.

"Are you okay, did you break down," Said a man from outside of the motor home?

"Yes sir we are fine, we just pulled over to take a rest," Said Jared very politely.

Dianna was so close to Cumming that she tuned out the conversation below her. Ron was thrusting harder and harder and Dianna couldn't hold back any longer, she came with a squeal. Then she heard the strange man's voice again.

"What was that, sounded like someone is hurt?"

"Naw, its just my friend and his girlfriend can't wait to get back to the motel," Said Jarred. They all laughed.

Suddenly Dianna recognized the stranger's voice, as she tried to catch her breath she leaned up to look out the window. At first her eyes had trouble adjusting to the bright light of the outside. And she seen her husband's car parked by the garage, her garage, she was at her house. The voice she heard was her husband's. She started to panic as Ron pushed her back down on her back and started fucking her again. Dianna submitted to Ron and had another orgasm as her husband talked to Jared and Rocky.