Erotic Story: Dominant Wife, Husband's New 'Duty'

Dominant Wife, Husband's New 'Duty'

She sits on the seat in front of her make up table. As she does her eye makeup, staring into the mirror, she talks to me.

"Do you want to fuck me?"

She leans in, concentrates on her left eye, brushes dark dusting onto the lids.

"Yes, Ma'am, yes.

I stammer, stare with a shocked look on my face.

I'm naked except for a pink ribbon tied around my soft penis, up around my balls pushing them up and out in front of me, big pink bow on top of it all that accentuates my little-boy like thing. The only other thing I wear are pink 3" heels. It's my 'house outfit'. I'm the way she prefers when in our home, naked and in sissy like display.

"Don't look so shocked, honey. I think about that. I really do. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. It's been a while."

She brushes deep black eye liner across her lids. Concentrating on her eyes, she talks absently to me.

"Well, that's not going to happen tonight. But it crosses my mind sometimes. It really does. And you are my husband after all. Your little thing doesn't satisfy me like my boyfriend's cock does. But I do think about you doing that for me. I can't always get to him when I need it. We both know that, both know what I need in a lover. And honey, as much as I love you deeply that isn't you, not your little thing. But like I said, you are my husband and I've been thinking that it's not right that I deny you like I do."

She looks at herself in the mirror. She is wearing heels, thigh high lace top stockings, panties and push up bra, all black. Her short, low cut-back dress is laid out on the bed.

"Yes, Ma'am, I know. Please consider letting me fuck you. Please. I try to be so good for you."

"Remember what it was like in the first couple years in our marriage? You could never seem to make me cum. Sometimes, but not often, rarely in fact. And we both know you have control issues."

She applies eye liner, turns her head slightly from side to side. She looks at herself in the mirror.

"Do you remember the rules? I haven't heard you recite them in a long time. It's been a while, can you tell me the rules?"

She glances back toward me in the mirror.

"Yes, Ma'am, yes. If you let me into you I pump the way you direct me to, never aggressive or selfish. I am not allowed to cum in you. That is for your lovers, for real men. If I start to feel like I'm going to cum I pull out of you immediately as fast as I can, go to my knees on the floor, apologize and beg your forgiveness for lacking control. I stay focused on pumping to make you cum, to please you, Ma'am. Only you."

She giggles, turns and looks at me.

"Yes, honey, very good. But you left out the most important part."

She reaches out, runs her hand up the front or me. She feels my penis stir, jump in her hand.

I get instantly hard, little erection bobbing in front of me.

"I stop the instant you snap your fingers, pull myself out of you and go to the floor on my knees."

She laughs loudly.

"Yes, little man, you said that. But you left out the most important part. You thank me profusely and worship like the goddess I am. You convince me that you're worthy of being allowed to be in my pussy with that little thing."

She burst out laughing loudly, watched as she saw me wince, saw my face turn bright red, afraid that I'd offended her.

"Calm down, honey. I'm in a very good mood tonight. Mama's not angry with you. And I am going to let you fuck me. Just not tonight. I told him I was going to make that happen. I know at first I saved all that for him, it was only right. He's my boyfriend and I wanted him to feel special. But I've been with him for almost a year now and I told him that sometimes I need to get fucked when he's not around. And he protested greatly, don't think he didn't. But I told him that you are my husband I wanted to let you fuck me sometimes too."

She stood, moved up close to me. She smiled at me. I felt her hand cup my little penis. She felt me throb in her hand.

"You've been allowed to go down one me, masturbate when you're a good boy and do all your housework properly. And you've learned to control your little hissy jealous fits quite nicely. You can't say that my riding crop didn't help with that."

"Yes, Ma'am."

She put her other hand on my naked butt cheek, cupped it. She held my little erection in her hand firmly.

"I'm going to increase your responsibilities, reward you letting you in me, letting you fuck me, lover boy. I'm going to make you my little sex toy from time to time. I've decided to use this little thing for something other than your humiliation and whipping. You should be very grateful for that, no?"

She kissed my forehead.

"Oh yes, Ma'am, yes, yes. I am. I am. Please, tell me when..."

Her hand came up off of my penis, her finger went to my lips, silencing me, other hand slapped my butt firmly.

"Shhh, I'm thinking maybe once a week, maybe every two weeks. I do need it at least that much and lord knows he's tied up one way of another a lot these days. It's good that you remember the rules, baby. They still apply. And I have to tell you, I got super horny thinking of how I used to use you on your leash and collar behind me. Super horny. I thought about that the last time I was with him and he fucked my ass with me up on my hands and knees. I get wet right now just thinking about that man and what he does with me."

"Yes, Ma'am."

She took her hand off of me, moved to the bed.

"Let's get me into this sexy dress. I have a date tonight. I don't want to keep that man waiting."

I hurried to take her dress from the bed, bent down to her feet, held it out for her to step into. I pulled it up over her hips, up over her breasts. I zipped it from behind. She looked at herself in the full length mirror as she patted and straightened down over her rear end. She smiled to herself.

"I am cute!"

"You are Ma'am, you are beautiful."

I stood and stared.

"And what happens to a bad boy that can't remember the rules, can't control himself when I let him put his baby little thing in my pussy, let him wiggle around on top of me? What?"

"I get whipped, Ma'am, spend time in the basement, Ma'am. I'll be good. I promise. If you let me fuck you I promise to please you. I will."

She stood and stared, said nothing. The doorbell rang downstairs. She watched as I hurried to answer it.

He walked passed me at the door, stopped briefly and glared at me. I see him in the office look at me like that. I know that look. He's upset with me. My boss, her lover, he's upset. He stands and waits for her come downstairs. My semi soft erection completely gone, my little 2" penis soft in front of me. In front of him.

"You know I know. She told me she's going to start letting you use that useless thing with her again. I guess it's alright, not much you can do to keep her from being mine, still seeing me. She is strong willed, has a mind of her own."

He stares at me, smiles slightly. My face goes deep red, he's seen me too many times to count like this, naked at our door, deferential to him and to her. Naked, at our door, pink ribbon around my penis in high heels, I never get used to the shame of it. I feel like he sees me like this even in his office when I am dressed in coat and tie. I know he does. It's what I am.

"Yes, Sir."

"And I know that basically you're a dildo. Do you know that? But she won't be dissuaded. Your wife is a stubborn woman."

"Hello, darling."

Her beautiful voice cuts off our conversation. She comes down the stairs, her heels clicking as she does.

"You look good enough to eat. Good enough to fuck, anyway. You're beautiful, baby."

He smiles at her.

"And I'm hoping you do that later tonight. It's all for you, lover."

She giggles, walks up close to him, kisses his ear.

"Let's go. I'm starving."

His hand goes to her rear end. He cups her right cheek, squeezes it, her on his arm.

"We're going to a party after dinner tonight. I'll be home late. You don't have to wait kneeling by the door for me, honey. You can if you want to. But you can go to bed early if you like."

She turns back toward me as she says that. He has the door open and is leading her out to his car.

"I have two friends I want you to meet, girl. They'll be at the party tonight and they are very interested in my girlfriend. They'll be at the party. You may not be home until tomorrow afternoon."

He says that to her, loud enough for me to hear. She turns back toward him, giggling.

"Oh my, you know how pique a girl's interest. Tell me more, baby."

She laughs as they leave the house, their conversation trailing off as they close the door behind them.

I am instantly hard, wet on the end, throbbing, cannot keep my hands off of myself. All I can think about is my cuckold position, all my dirty fantasies about her and him, me submissive and theirs to abuse. I get so hot thinking of her being my Mistress, the dominant woman I worship and adore. I can see only visions of her letting him mount her from behind, fucking her, cumming in her, on her whenever he wants to. I am lost to all my very dirty submissive thoughts as I masturbate onto the floor. I shake violently as I cum, cum hard. I am quick to kneel lick it up. I do it again almost immediately, stand and masturbate onto the floor.

When I came the second time I felt the feeling that always follows. It doesn't last long. The feeling of intense shame and humiliation for being her sissy bitch, I feel the helplessness of it all. But that never lasts long. I feel the drive to be her cuckold submissive wash back over me in short time. I start to think about him cumming in her, think about her doing all the things she does for him, think about her kneeling with his cock in her mouth. I think about my wife being the perfect whore for her lover, my boss.

I am lost to it all. I am her husband. She is my Mistress. I love and adore her.