Erotic Story: Matt Becomes Mattie Ch. 06

Matt Becomes Mattie Ch. 06

So Joanna's birthday came around. She took the day off, it was a Friday and the second day after Louise and my jaunt in Oxford. I needed my sleep as the hormones were evidently kicking in hard and I had let Jo know about this. Jo was, therefore, the first to wake.

I knew that a little submissive pre-session was a good way to start the birthday and so I let her climb on me without her pyjamas bottoms or jockstrap on and for me to bring her to her morning climax that she so enjoyed. As she came off her peak I suggested that we head for the bathroom, me first, and, despite with the wall being part down, I had managed to keep the bathroom pretty clean. When Jo had fallen asleep, I had laid out her first present in there.

I climbed under the portable toilet seat stand I had bought Jo and offered my mouth upwards to her when she came in. Next to the toilet I had left her a mouth widener known as a 'spider gag' and a funnel, if she wanted to use them on me. Jo came in and saw me, prostrate on the floor and ready to receive her fluids.

"Wow, wonderful." She positioned herself above me and quickly released her overnight fluids into me, without the gag or funnel; I took most of her into me and then offered to shower her down, concentrating on pleasing her pussy. She soon found her second climax of her birthday, pressing down on to my tongue that was incessant in the teasing of her love area.

We then dressed informally to get the children up, breakfasted, and out of the house and to school. The beauty in life now was that I could dress as I wished. I put on leggings, a short ra-ra skirt and one of Jo's lighter loose sweaters, with my studs in my ears, my 'engagement' ring and a wide gold bangle.

On returning to the house, I prepared us a light breakfast and coffee and gave Joanna one or two conventional presents. We then went our separate ways with Jo needing to tackle some e-mails and household bills and I cleaned up around the house. It was about a quarter to eleven when I went into the study, gave her a long, lingering kiss and suggested she watched her favourite lesbian DVD. This was the one with a 'Louise look alike' which I had already loaded in the machine and that she should head to the bedroom when she was curious and excited so as to discover what her second major present was to be.

Jo came into the bedroom some twenty minutes later.

I was dressed in silky black lingerie and I was ready in position over her birthday present, a sleek, wooden, whipping bench. This was an unusual design with a 1.2 metre long frame, and some 65 cm wide and 80 cm wide. It was heavily padded and essentially built with two levels to it. The highest point of the bench was just off centre where my bottom was presented, nice and high to Jo. The back split into leather pads with straps to hold my legs. The straps I was able to self attach, locking my legs in and, therefore, splaying my bottom provocatively to her. My body lay away and downwards from the highpoint of my bottom; my head was at the lowest point and, of course, I was wearing her pair of used briefs over my head tied back with an old stocking. I knew she would enjoy the subservience that I was offering to her. My unconstrained breasts hung down either side of the midriff panel in their cami, open to any pleasure or torture that Jo so wished.

In front of the bench, I also laid out some of our whips, paddles, vibrator and, plugs for Jo's selection and use, if she wished. I also included a new probe wired up that ran off a control unit as well as her main harness and the choice of two double dildoes, our femdoe and a new two way one that injected fluid into us on her squeeze of a small rubber bulb.

Jo came into the bedroom and I heard, "Oh fab, what a present, Mattie!" She circled around it and locked my wrists and midriff belt in. Her hands ran, tantalizingly, over my bottom and teased my anus before pulling back my panties and inserting something thin into me. I was suspicious it was the new probe.

I knew about things when the first paddle smack came down and she started to rain my bottom with her force, my nose biting against the impregnated gusset of her briefs. I took the pain and then she upped the punishment to the crop. Twelve hard lashes came down on to my globes and I knew my bottom was more than heated and marked. Suddenly the probe hit in, passing an electrical tingle right up onto my prostrate and remember, I knew I had lost a little functionality down there; however, it soon stimulated me into a mental high.

Jo stood back and enjoyed the fruits of her work and slipped into her harness. I felt her mount me, probe open my anus having removed the probe, and she started to fuck me and, in doing so, herself. I responded in trying to move my bottom to take her and meet her rhythm. Jo was soon cumming and as she found her hi-spot, she released the warm fluid into both of us as a pseudo male cum. She collapsed on my back.

"Oh thank you, Mattie, we will have amazing fun with this, but are you sure your bottom will withstand this and imagine what pleasure I may inflict on you once your boobs are better developed."

We showered again together and I made-up, perfumed, and dressed for lunch. It was a nice thrill to dress fully as a woman in cream lingerie, a summer floral dress and kick-on low heeled pale blue shoes. I borrowed Jo's diamond ear-rings, lovely emerald cut diamond studs, just under a carat each. I also wore a gold band watch along with two bangles and, of course, my ankle chain on in full view of those who saw it. My waist chain was on of course.

Jo wore a pair of chinos, a khaki shirt, socks and canvas shoes and looked super sexy to me. We headed off to lunch, picking up the kids out of school. Lunch was with her family so there was a good party. It was a lovely affair with lots of laughter, joy and, most important of all to us, an acceptance of Jo and me. The family showered presents onto Jo, both serious and frivolous. And we finished with a huge cake and a 'pinata' for the 'kids' amongst us.

We got back to the cottage with the kids late afternoon and Louise was there working on the garden, by design I hasten to add. The kids greeted her and invited her in for tea with the family and to share in their presents to Joanna. Louise had brought her a nice card, some beautiful flowers, and a present, a book on women in advertising through the ages. Joanna was touched and invited her to dinner with us and with the children. I kept it very simple, some barbecue salmon and salads with a fruit salad, and it allowed Louise and Joanna to really get to know each other.

Louise kept very quiet about the birthday arrangements, as she should but I appreciate it. At one point when Jo was out in the garden with the children, I checked with Louise that she was still ok to proceed.

"Oh yes, I am really looking forward to it. You are such a devil"

"Well just remember all that you have to do, and I have arranged all the reservations and appointments. Remember everything is covered as to payment."

"Ok, that's so kind of you."

Louise gave me a long slow kiss, tongue to tongue.

"Mmmmmm, thanks and I have this for you as a small memento of me for tonight, just for your pleasure if you need a little reminder of me at any time."

She quickly slipped me this ziplock bag and I could see inside a pair of yellow panties.

"They are the ones that I wore on Tuesday, Mattie."

"Mmmmm, thank you. Are you still wearing the panties from Wednesday then, those lovely white lacy ones?"

"Oh yes, and at night time too, and I will continue to do so until I change. They will be heavy as I have cum in them five times now with the thought of what is to happen, and I have I also used the gusset to wipe myself after a pee."

"Good, that is so, so nice of you."

"I want to fuck you as well, Mattie"

"That's up to Joanna, but I would love to take you in me though, Louise."

We had a nice dinner and the children to bed and Louise having left, I gave myself to Joanna across her new whipping bench and the Tower. It was a long and very challenging session, especially as to my naked bottom which was heavily punished before Jo let me cum into her, and only after bringing her close to the final orgasm with the chin dildo she liked me to use on her. But she went to bed happy with her arm over me, dressed in new men's pyjamas, a very male jock and with me in her old nightie, her favourite one for me to wear for her.

I slept in late and probably this was understandable given Jo's intensity of exploring her domme side with me yesterday. I struggled to get up and I could feel that my bottom was sore; I went through to the kitchen dressed in my nightie and robe and there were the kids and Jo. A strong espresso and I kicked back into action. Between us all we got some pancakes to the table and the kids went off to their rooms to play.

Joanne and I cleaned up the breakfast things and she gave me a long lingering kiss, apologising to me if she was a little too severe. I said that it was ok and I probably deserved it but, overall, I had enjoyed it and that I loved her so much. However I still had this weekend to come and, at this rate, I could be black and blue by Monday.

She laughed and said that she had a super day on her birthday with the family and even having Louise around for tea and supper had been really nice and what a nice, sexy, girl she was. I watched Jo's eyes with intent and yes, they were dreamy; maybe she was primed to take Louise given the right chance.

The children left at 10 o clock with their friends; these friends knew about us and were very supportive of our changes. By 10.30, I was being a toilet slave to Jo and by 11, I was in the bath undergoing my daily routine and ensuring my legs were totally clean of any hair. It was quite warm outside so I chose a white bra, white slip and matching bikini panties with an ivory white Peter Pan collared dress with a pleated skirt part to it, along with white heels. I kept make-up to a minimum, except for emphasising my eyes and then used some Lauder Private Collection as a heady floral perfume. For jewelry, just my gold studs and a new gold-styled bracelet I had picked up, allowing I was wearing my Jo necklace and chains.

Joanne, too, dressed simply in a golf shirt, Lauren shorts, golf sock and simple male-like low shoes. I knew she had on one of the Hanro cotton mini-briefs that I had bought her; these were a nice compromise between being very soft and masculine and I knew she would like the style. I also had bought her some of the pyjamas/.She did look very edible dressed as she was and I loved her deeply.

"Wow, you look so cute; you know it is amazing what you have achieved Mattie and your voice is so much higher pitched now, I haven't told you that have I"

"Thanks, I do love you so much. Let's get loaded and away."

I was taking her away for the weekend and we loaded the car and I said that we should take the Stool and the Tower and her new toilet seat to use on me as she wished. The 'Bench' was a little heavy to dissemble and reassemble but it would ideal as one of the centre pieces to our new playroom. Joanna agreed and I also allowed her to choose her accessories and goodies from the laundry basket. I gave her a hint that my body could be continued to be used for the weekend totally as she so wished.

We set off just before lunch and had a nice pub lunch on route to our luxury hotel in Malmesbury, near Bath in Wiltshire. Malmesbury was not that far from Bath if we wanted to head in there at any point and was mistakenly famous in history as being where the Duke of Clarence was drowned in 1478 in a butt of drink. That drink was Malmsey, a wine, and not Malmesbury though. We chuckled over the linkage though and hoped there weren't too many hogs head butts around the hotel.

During dessert, from my clutch bag, I produced one of our small vibrators and, under the table, I gently massaged her through her shorts; Jo bit her top lip and, rightly, accused me of being very naughty.

After lunch, it didn't take too long to reach this wonderful lower Cotswold manor hotel where all the rooms managed to successfully blend antiques with a contemporary feel. Our room was a sumptuous suite in earthy tone colours with an American style, double-king, colonial bed, lovely soft furnishings and a splendid bathroom again with plenty of room and with a huge claw-bath and a massive shower, ideal for us sharing. We were at the end of a corridor in the old part of the house but we did have, disconcertingly, a connecting door to another room but the receptionist informed us that this room would be unoccupied, so any noise wouldn't be an issue.

Joanna was really impressed by this place; we had never stayed here before but it was an old work colleague of mine who had mentioned the hotel some months back as being a wonderful spa and also that it had great food. Its reception and public rooms had a Jacobean feel with paneling and huge working fireplaces, and the restaurants looked very nice along with a great bar. There was also a spa and I had booked a manicure along with an outside hairdresser and make-up artist to come in. I wanted to look immaculate for Jo on her birthday. Her present also included a massage and any tonal treatment for that she needed.

We got to the room with the 'mountain' of luggage and parcels, again using the same white lie about not wanting to leave goods in the car. We unpacked our clothing and then I called room service for some tea and an early turn down as well as extra pillows. Joanna gave me a long kiss,

"Thank you,this is a lovely place you have found."

"No problem honey."

She continued kissing me and started to stroke my bottom in her provocative way of signalling that she wanted to make love.

"Mmmmm, I think that you should save yourself for later. I intend giving you sex like you haven't had in a long while and especially with a present or two for you."

She pouted and said,

"You'll pay for it then?"

"My bottom is still sore from yesterday, honey."

The tea and extra items for the room arrive and then turn-down. With that out of the way, we assembled the Tower and the Stool and put the Seat in the bathroom.

"I could pee on you now and have you clean me up, Mattie."

"Just wait until later and your pee will be more and sweeter."

She laughed,


I added,

"Maybe, but I just want to check that we have a really nice table for dinner and then my spa sessions are due, as are yours shortly."

I gave her a small present,

"Open this and you can quietly enjoy yourself while I am gone; you may get that excited as a result of it that you try and take some cute little girl in the spa."

She opened it and I had assembled a lesbian sex file of various Literotica stories as well as stories involving cuckolding that I knew she would enjoy reading, a new DVD for her, and a small clitoral/urethral heavy steel Unisex vibrator. It was about 10 cm long with a narrow stimulating top of 7mm and then widening to 12mm. She laughed and gave me another kiss. I removed my false boobs in the bathroom, stripped down to my soft bra and panties and left for the reception and the spa, dressed in one of the hotel's thick white robes.

I went to the reception first and checked off details of my bookings there; all was in order. On over to the wonderful spa and I started by relaxing with a massage followed by a facial and eyebrows and finally someone to varnish my toenails and give me French nails on my hands. This was the first time I had been 'Frenched' for Joanna.

I went up to the room again; Joanna was away having her treatments. I ensured that I was clean down under and took a quick shower. I dried and had just slipped on a robe when the hairdresser arrived, followed by the make-up girl. I wanted to look at my best for Jo this evening. My hair was coming down to just short of shoulder length and was very thick. The hairdresser styled it so that it turned inwards at the base, coincidentally a little bit like Louise's style.

As to make-up, I had chosen slightly darker colours than I normally used both in terms of my foundation and around my eyes. A very dark mascara and eye shadow to really emphasise my eyes using Les Regards de Chanel as my palette so that the effect was almost rather Middle Eastern in nature. And finally Chanel Coco lipstick and lip-liner applied in a burnt red Ballet Russe colour. I put the palette, lipsticks and a lip refresher, Soins Tendres de Levres, into my clutch bag for tonight.

Joanna came back to the room in her robe and slippers just as the make-up girl was leaving.

"That was truly wonderful, Mattie. The refreshments and tea were sensational as well."

"I agree with you, Jo. What did you have done?"

"Well a massage and facial."

"Like me."

"Followed by a manicure and a plain varnish as you would guess. And then I had a Brazilian wax if that is ok. I just wanted to be really smooth around my pussy for you tonight."

"You know I will love that, you tease."

She chose her clothes and went off into the bathroom,

"What are you wearing tonight, honey," she asked from inside the bathroom.

"You will have to wait and see, but something new."

I pulled out my new charcoal corset, along with the panties, stockings and my green dress and my black ballet style pumps as I didn't want to be that much higher than Jo.

I took off my robe and looked at my boobs and their little bumps and clearly obvious swelling of my pink nipples. "Well, here goes, my new freedom." I thought.

I got into the corset and managed the first clips and the lacing. I moved it around me into position and tightened the lacing a bit. Then I went over to the bathroom door, partly opened it and asked Joanna.

"I am not going to turn around and show you this yet, but could you tighten my lacing for me?"

"No problem, honey, it's a lovely colour."

She tightened me up and I could feel the spare laces hanging down my bottom.

"There we are."

And she slapped me playfully on my cheeks.

"Thanks, Jo; I will be about 10 minutes."

"That's ok, me too. Love you"

I rolled on the stockings up my legs and fitted them to the four black garters, adjusting the tautness of the garter so that was tighter, and then I donned the panties. This looked good. Into the dress I got and I felt a million dollars; it really looked good. A last minute tidy up and I pulled out and put on my jewellery; the diamond engagement ring, my pinkie, and the diamond ear studs. I left my watch off and instead put the Tiffany style diamond bracelet that Jo's mother had lent me. In addition, I chose two platinum bracelets that I had the jeweller adapt for me. These were nice, plain band bracelets but I had him hang a secondary matching ring off each bracelet to hint at bondage and, hence, my subservience to Jo.

A spray of Coco I thought was the most apt perfume for this evening and I was ready.

Jo emerged from the bathroom and looked stunning. She wore a black trouser suit and a new, obviously expensive, cream silk blouse. Black hose and a slight heel on her black brogues. She actually had on a little jewelry, gold studs, a plain gold band necklace and her gold watch. She had used some light make-up and a natural lipstick, and some Chanel Crystalle perfume. I loved it and was first to say "Wow. You look ravishing."

"And what about you, Mattie, what can I say?"

"Give us a twirl"

I flounced my dress around for her.

"Sensational, the best that you have ever looked. You look a stunner this evening."

Then she noticed my boob line, "You are not wearing your falsies tonight."

"No honey, this is my first time that I am myself. I thought we should celebrate that they are on their way and that my nipples really are showing, so my corset has been slightly modified with a padding to give me an AA or maybe an A cup and I think that my ruffled neckline really helps my limited décolletage."