Erotic Story: My Wife's Drunken Hay Ride

My Wife's Drunken Hay Ride

After several months of reading about other people's personal experiences, I finally have my own story that's worth sharing. 2 weekends ago my wife and I were invited by several of her co-workers to go on a "haunted hayride" right here in Gorham, Maine and knowing how none of my friends have never been either it ended being over 20 of us in our party. I love it when Cathy and I find a chance to get out, raising an 8-year-old doesn't leave much time to find a night for ouselves especially trying to find a sitter on a Saturday.

Anyways, since we all had to take 5 separate vehicles, it was decided we should meet at the beginning of the Rust road and follow it to its end together. Sitting in the back seat of one of Cathy's co-worker's car, my wife and one of her friends passed some mixed drinks back and forth amongst one another and for the first time in a long time I watched as they both ended up getting drunk out of thier fucking minds long before we all stepped out of the car. Being a very good mother Cathy rarely ever drinks, but when she does I love to watch her act obnoxious and even tease my perverted fantasies when I catch her flirting with any "cute guy" who catches her eye. I would love to someday watch my own wife have sex with a well-hung stud pleasing her sexually like she's always deserved, but for the time being I have to do with naughty conversations Cathy enjoys telling while hanging all over other men each and every time she's drunk.

Once we were all "squeezed" onto the hay wagon without even any elbow room, the tractor slowly pulled us deep into the woods were these would-be "haunters" attempted to scare us but instead found themselves to be reticuled to say the least. Cathy was so fucking drunk there were several times I was scared shitless she may eventually lean too far forward during one of her giggling fits where I wouldn't be able to catch her. She was worse off than I've seen her in a long time, and what my wife was about to do half-way through the ride literally shocked the hell out of me but gave all the other guys a night to defiantly remember.

After crossing the covered bridge where 2 haunters come out from behind, Cathy obviously waited for the oppurtunity until at least one of them got directly in front of her. Then suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I watched in shock as my drunken wife quickly lifted her thick woolen sweater up over her chest and immediatly revealed to everyone how she came dressed without a bra. I couldn't fucking believe it, it was as if I was in a dream to see my own wife's perky luscious tits fully exposed in the crisp autumn night for everyone to stare at and admire. Cathy began to laugh histarctly to see the kid behind the mask literally freeze in his tracks over the cock-teasing sight of her firm tits and erect nipples inches before his face; and as she sat there lost in laughter with her sweater pulled up to her neck I swear she made every fucking cock on that wagon swell staring at her jiggling breasts.

Up until that night, I had been only the second set of male eyes ever to lay sight upon my beautiful wife's naked chest (Cathy had only slept with her high school sweetheart before she started sleeping with me). Now, because of one brief decision on my wife's part, I find myself forced to share the cock-hardening image of what was once mine with 14 other lucky guys who were there that night. To be honest I find it very arousing, especially listening to Cathy giggle like a little fucking tramp after the ride was over when the guys began to compliment her little shameless act. My wife was all fucking proud of herself that night, she can act like such a fucking slut when she's drunk and yet so innocent when she's sober. Cathy felt so bad about it the next morning I had to assure her several times I wasn't upset at what she had done. In fact, I even told her she should be proud she has a body gorgeous enough to tease the boys with and leave it at that.

It was defiantly a night I'll treasure forever, maybe next time things could lead further.