Erotic Story: Riding the Trains

Riding the Trains

My wife is a beautiful, wonderfully submissive, Japanese woman. I have always had an urge to expose and humiliate my wife (the reason that my first wife left me) and so I was careful to choose a second wife who would be a little more "receptive" to my urges. I found her in Yuki.

Yuki is a true beauty, though here breasts are a little small. I really didn't mind that at all -- I enjoy most variations of the female form -- but I knew that I had to change her if my plans to draw the attention of other men was to be fulfilled. So, I had her augmented. Yuki really did not want to have the work done, but she was easily pushed to do it for me. I found a doctor who agreed to push the operation to the limits and, after two procedures (required by some time to stretch her skin a bit), my Yuki was changed from a A cup to a solid D cup. On her slim frame, she looked like she had stepped out of a dirty video game.

Another benefit to the procedure was that, even though she was much larger, she did not need to wear a bra. The size of the insertions kept her perpetually and perfectly pointed outward. Yuki hated to go without a bra, of course, since her nipples, which despite her original small size, where quite larger than normal and tended to become erect at the slightest breeze or hint of attention.

Of course, my Yuki was not permitted to wear a bra.

It is common knowledge in Japan that men often take advantage of naive school girls who ride the trains to school during rush hour. The packed trains provide ample opportunity for the more experience men to take advantage of these shy young girls who generally submit to the groping and fondling. I asked Yuki if she had ever experienced these humiliations. She was reluctant to talk about it but finally, during our lovemaking after a little too much sake, she did admit to being cornered more than once while gangs of young men took over her body. As I fucked hard into her, I told her that she would have to submit to them again.

Yuki is 27 and may not normally attract as much attention as a shy schoolgirl, but I had a plan to make her irresistible. I bought her a schoolgirl outfit -- a pleated skirt and matching jacket. Instead of a white blouse or sweater worn by most schoolgirls, I permitted Yuki only to wear a thin white, very tight T-shirt. She could not wear a bra, of course, but I did buy her some cheap, tiny and tight, white panties. I think they are even sexier than nothing at all.

Then we hit the trains. We would head downtown in the middle afternoon and have a few drinks before heading back home during rush hour. I knew that a very few drinks would make Yuki even more submissive.

We had taken two such trips with nothing happening. Finally, on the third trip a group of about six boys gathered close to her, enjoying my beauty in her short skirt desperately trying to hide her breasts under her jacket. Unfortunately, they lacked the courage to take advantage of her. I knew that I had to get things rolling. We normally sat apart so that Yuki would be seen as helplessly alone, but I worked my my back to her side and pretended not to know her. Then I casually began to rub my body against her and finally, to openly fondle her. I knew the boys were watching and they soon had the idea. I got off at the next stop, but quickly squeezed back on the train moments before the next door down closed.

As I watched, the boys, encouraged by Yuki's non-reaction to my groping, moved in on her. I worked my way closer to her so that I could watch the young men claim their prize. They started slowly, but their courage grew fast as Yuki did nothing to stop them. I could not really see much of what they were doing in the crowded train but the grimaces on Yuki's face told me much of the story. She squeezed her eyes shut tight and slowly shook her head "no" in a futile attempt to shut out the reality of what was happening to her. I knew that I was forcing her to relive the humiliations of her youth.

Yuki was shorter than these college-age boys, making it even more difficult to see what they were doing to her, but I did see that her T-shirt was now bunched up at her neck. Once or twice I could catch a flash of her bare skin below the bunched up T-shirt. I could not see her bare breasts but I knew that they had been bared and were undoubtedly being well-squeezed by the boys. I saw her jacket slipped off one shoulder. Yuki started struggling harder at that. Being grouped was one thing, but she did not want to be stripped naked on the train. Yuki was pretty helpless to stop them though. She was tightly pressed in the middle of the group of horny boys. I saw her second shoulder being bared as the jackpot was slipped down and suddenly her arm shot up in an attempt to pull her jacket back on. Her arm was quickly brought back down, however, and her jacket soon disappeared from my view. I made a mental note to bring along some extra clothes for Yuki in case she did find herself stripped. I smiled and guessed that Yuki might also be more compliant if she knew that I carried an extra set of clothes for her. But that was not the case today and Yuki was clearly distressed as I saw her T-shirt pulled up over the top of her head and back down, exposing her bare shoulders briefly to me (and a lot more to the boys).

Yuki was crying now as I watched one of the boys grab her by the head and say something into her ear. I watched my wife grimace and then shake her head "yes". She stopped her struggles stood in the middle of the group. She later told me that she was told that she only get her clothes back is she agreed to give them each a hand job. I wasn't sure what was going on at the time, but that is exactly what she was doing as she stood there. Her hands each worked on two cocks as she left her naked breasts and the rest of her body open to the boys.

Of course, after Yuki signaled her submission to this first act, the boys pressed her further. A hand on Yuki's shoulders forced her down. She sent a quick pleading look my way before she disappeared from my view; forced down to cock level in the tight group of young men.

I had spent some time teaching Yuki how to suck cock and she even learned to take some pride in doing it well. I knew these young men would not last long in my wife's mouth. Later, Yuki told me that only two to the boys actually used her mouth. She had successfully made four of the others come using her hands. Two came on her skirt while she was standing and two came in her hair while she was on her knees sucking the others off.

The boys did keep their promise to return her jacket. They even let her put it back on while they stood around her, but they did keep her T-shirt as a souvenir. This had the benefit of forcing her to press her breasts close to me during the rest of our ride home.

When we got home I also found that her panties were missing. Yuki said that those had been torn off early in her ordeal. She complained that the boys were rough and that it had hurt to have their fingers exploring her pussy and ass. She did admit that she got wet after a some fondling, but it still hurt at first. She wanted me to help her, but all I offered was that, next time, I would lubricate her pussy and ass so that they would have easier access to her.