Erotic Story: Sonia Ch. 02

Sonia Ch. 02

The next couple of weeks went as normal around the house. My classes picked up pace again and aside from the occasional quickie with my girlfriend, I wasn't getting off nearly as much as I needed too. At times I'd be able to keep myself secluded in the basement bedroom long enough to jerk off and release some stress, but it just isn't the same when you can have someone else help you with it.

I naturally longed to be alone with Sonia for only a few minutes during these two weeks, but it never happened. If my girlfriend was around, I was always with her, but when she wasn't, either her mom or her brother would be home leaving me no time with Sonia. We lived in the same house so I saw her about a hundred times a day. And every time we saw each other, she'd give me a nervous little grin and blush, then avoid my glance. At that point I would remember how she looked with my cum covering her as she rubbed my balls, and wished I could just have a little time with her again.

That Saturday was a blessing. My girlfriend and I had been out late the night before and I was thankful that I could sleep in. Trisha had to go to work early leaving me around 7:30. I dozed off and on after she left and was finally getting back to a solid sleep when I heard the door to the washing machine open. As I mentioned before, my girlfriend and I had our bedroom in the basement which, of course, was where the washer and dryer was located. I had lost track of the times that we were in bed (sleeping or otherwise) that someone came down to do what they considered to be an absolutely crucial load of laundry. I also have the misfortune of being a light sleeper so the slightest noise of footsteps coming down the stairs usually wakes me. Being so tired, I hadn't heard anything until the washer door open.

I groggily opened my eyes and blinked as I adjusted to the sunlight coming through the basement windows. I could just make out a feminine form that was definitely Sonia's. Still being tired I wasn't thinking about anything beyond sleep so I closed my eyes against the light. "Morning Sonia," I murmured.

"Sorry! I'm so sorry! I was trying to be quiet. Mom asked me to wash my brother's little league uniform before he got back," Sonia giggled. I could hear her throwing things into the washing machine.

"Then send her down so I can kick her ass, please," I replied, shifting in the bed and trying to find a comfortable position.

"Actually, she and my brother went to my aunt's so they won't be back until this afternoon," Sonia answered. My eyes opened at this. I still wasn't completely focused on sex, but my focus was beginning to shift from sleep. I was going to say something to Sonia about maybe ordering a pizza for lunch when I saw what she was wearing.

She had on a tiny two piece bikini that was yellow with a red pattern emblazoned on the material. As Sonia was standing profile to me throwing clothes into the washer, I could see that the top tied at the back. Rather than having shoulder straps, it was one of those that had a single strap that stretched around the neck to hold it up. The bottom of her bikini appeared to tie at the hips. And man was her body gorgeous! My eyes traveled up her legs to her rounded ass, then to her narrow waist and flat stomach, up to her breasts. I had always thought her sister had larger tits, but now I wasn't so sure. And she had her long black hair pulled back in a pony tail.

As she started to pour detergent into the washer, she dropped the cap. With a curse, she put down the bottle and stood on her toes to try to reach the cap from where it had fallen into the machine. Apparently, to get a better reach for it, she turned away from me and leaned way over. Now I could clearly see that her bikini was a thong, and though there was enough material to cover her snatch, the remainder was pulled tightly into the divide of her ass. I was never much of an ass man, preferring (like most guys) to focus on a nice pair of tits. But at that moment, watching the material of her thong saw back and forth as she struggled to pick up the detergent cap, I almost converted. At the very least, I was rock hard and not even thinking about sleep.

After a few more seconds, Sonia found the cap and stood up straight again. "Going tanning?" I asked, more to try to get her attention back to me than actually caring what she was doing in a bikini.

"Yeah. I was hoping to actually get a tan before we got too far into the summer," she laughed.

"Do you have to go out right now?"

"Well, the best times are between ten and two, you know," she mockingly stated in a very professor-like voice. "Besides, some of us don't wait to get up at ten."

"Trust me. I'm up," I chuckled at my little pun that probably really wasn't even that funny.

Sonia turned to me smiling. "Awake doesn't count. You actually have to be ..." And then Sonia got the joke.

"Really?" she said. I simply nodded. "That happens to guys in the morning though, right? Something to do with having to take a morning pee?"

Here goes nothing. "This morning it had more to do with your choice of outfit than anything else," I stated. My hand was now slowly rubbing my cock through my pajama bottoms. She could still probably see the motion under the covers.

"My outfit?" Sonia looked down as if suddenly realizing she had developed breasts and curves. Now she turned red. "I didn't think about it much."

"Trust me. I'm thinking about it now," I laughed. "I've really been thinking a lot about last time. I was hoping we could do it again." Here was the test. It was one thing to convince her of this after I had just cum on her, but now this was a fresh start more or less.

"Really?" Her new favorite word, it seemed. "You thought about it?"

"Many times. Anytime I get myself off now, that's what I fantasize about."

She didn't say or do anything except stand there. If I hadn't noticed her breathing increasing, I would have thought I'd offended her. "Do you..." she hesitated. "Do you want to do it again?"

Thank God! "Please, if you'd like I mean," I offered, giving her a chance to change her mind.

"Okay," she started towards the bed. "Do you want me to rub your balls again while you masturbate?"

"I was hoping you could do a little more." At this she stopped just short of the bed. Damn!

"Like what?" She looked nervous, but at least it wasn't an outright refusal.

"Just trust me. Not much different than what you did last time, except you'll need both hands instead of one." Please, please, please go with this...

"You may have to tell me how."

I squeezed my cock hard at this. How many guys actually get to have a beautiful 18 year old girl ask them for help with a handjob?

"Just sit here on the bed." Sonia slowly walked the remaining few feet to the bed and sat down, turned slightly away from me. I moved my hand out from under the covers and brought it to her knee, slowly running my fingertips over her skin. Slowly, I moved it up her silky leg to where she had her hand resting on her thigh. Like the first time, I grabbed her wrist and slowly pulled her hand towards me. I dragged it over my bare chest up to my mouth where I kissed it, causing Sonia to giggle. Now I moved her hand back down my body. When it reached the covers, I felt Sonia tense, though if I had to guess by her rapid breathing and large nipples that were clearly hardening, it wasn't because she was scared.

I kept moving her hand under the covers, down my stomach, and to my pajamas. Rather than stopping there, I kept it going down though much slower, trying to build the anticipation as much for her as for me. Her fingertips grazed the head of my cock through the material, and I think the two of us held our breath. I waited there a moment and to my delight, Sonia began tracing her fingertips along the outline of my cock head. I wanted to build this up but I needed more just then. Once again, I slid her hand down further, her fingertips now gliding along the shaft. I let her wrist go, her hand now under her own control. She looked at me. "What do I do?"

"Whatever you want. I'll let you know if you make a mistake." She laughed at this but kept staring into my eyes. And her hand started moving. Slowly at first, tracing the size and shape of my cock. And then a little faster, with more force, as she squeezed my dick through my pajamas. She ran her hands down until she felt my testicles, cupping them, squeezing these too. Then she slid her hand up to just the tip, tracing all over my head.

"It feels damp," she stated.

"That means you're doing it right." She blushed but smiled incredibly wide at this. "How about you?"

"How about me, what?" Sonia asked, still brushing her fingers along me.

"Are you damp?"

She looked quickly away, and blushed even more, but didn't stop smiling. I placed my left hand over hers, and pulled her hard against my body, so my cock overflowed her hand. The feeling was intense and I thrust a few times against her. "Can I see it," she whispered.

Not trusting my ability to talk, I now used both hands to slide my pants down, watching her facial expression change as the fabric that was sliding under her fingers became hot skin. For the moment her hand seemed to be frozen as I slipped the pants off and drew back the covers. She looked over, her mouth opening slightly as she saw her small hand resting gently on my cock. Again, she went through the same routine feeling the shaft, then my balls, before stopping at the head again. I was in agony, because as good as it felt, it was too gentle and was merely teasing me without bringing some kind of relief.

"Do you remember how I was touching myself last time?" I asked. Sonia nodded. "Try holding it like that." Excruciatingly slow, Sonia moved her hand from rubbing my shaft to actually holding it.

"It's heavier than I thought it would be. And really hot." She tested the weight of it and moved it around slowly.

"Try stroking it like I was," I instructed through gritted teeth. At last, she began moving her hand up and down along my cock, and I moaned loudly, causing yet another smile to appear on Sonia's face.

"You like that?"she smiled. Now it was my turn to simply nod. I let Sonia jack me off for several minutes, giving subtle instructions or small changes to her. When I began to thrust heavily through her fist, I told her to stop for a minute, assuring her it was only to rest and not because she was doing something wrong. I had been too close to cumming and wanted to last a little while.

"Okay, keep stroking me like you were, only this time, rub my balls with your other hand." Sonia moved around to comply but it only took about two seconds to realize she wouldn't be comfortable in that position. Before I could make a suggestion, Sonia simply climbed on the bed and straddled my leg, never letting go of my shaft while doing so. Shifting my cock from her right hand to her left, she used her other hand to travel between my legs, settling her weight on my leg. She began jacking me off again, while dutifully caressing my sack. After a minute or two, it suddenly dawned on me that, by straddling my leg, her pussy was now pressed against my thigh. And now that I was thinking about it, I could tell I had an answer to my previous question. I could definitely feel the heat and damp from between her legs.

"Let's see how far I can take this," I thought and lifted my leg, less than an inch really, but enough that my thigh was suddenly pressed hard against her clit. Sonia's body jack-knifed and she let out a long low moan, her hands stopping their motions but suddenly squeezing my body tight in her fists. She had nearly fallen across me, my straining cock about two inches from her tits. I could feel her breath across my chest. She remained like that, breathing heavily. I moved my leg again, pressing it even harder against her crotch.

"Mmmmmm. Please don't stop," she panted. She thoughtfully tried to continue stroking my cock but, like I said, she was almost laying completely on top of me. "Sorry," she smiled. Then, without a thought, she leaned up and brought her lips to mine, slipping her tongue between my lips and rubbing it furiously across mine. I moved my hands to her ass, grabbing her roughly and pushing her down onto my leg at the same time that my leg was pushing up.

"Oh, my God!" she yelled, pulling her lips from mine and straightening up so that she was now sitting across my leg again. Now she was jerking my cock with wild abandon. Every few seconds she would pause and run her thumb across my cockhead, smearing the pre-cum that was flowing out of me, before returning to her strokes. The resulting wetness along my cock resulted in even more intense feelings, as the sound of the stickiness was evident. Her other hand was no longer on me but was rubbing all over her neck and through her ponytail, creating an unbelievably erotic sight. All the while I continued with my leg, only now she was noticeably pushing back.

"Have you ever had an orgasm?" I asked, in between moans. She blushed yet again but was too far gone to even care I think.

"Oh yes." This was new, considering she told me about her boyfriend last time and her lack of experience!

"How?" I continued, moving one hand from her ass to her hand on my cock, slowing her down a little so I didn't cum yet. Now she was reluctant to answer, even slowing down her thrusts against my thigh to think about it. "Some guy?" She shook her head. "Girl?" She hesitated a second or two before shaking her head again, definitely a lie. "Who?" I pressed, again allowing her to stroke my cock faster.

She thought for a second before answering, completely stopping her motions against my thigh. "Becky." Becky was Sonia's best friend. Basically a smaller blonde version of Sonia. As opposed to Sonia, who was hot nonetheless, Becky oozed sex in everything she did, wore, said, etc. On more than one occasion she had slapped my ass as she passed by me. I always suspected that she would do more if she ever got the chance.

"How about masturbating? Do you ever touch yourself?" I moved my thigh again, causing another moan.

"Mmm-hmmm. Yes I do. Mmmmmm." Her eyes were squeezed shut, my poor cock all but forgotten now, as she concentrated on my leg and her pussy.

"When was the last time you got off?" I tried thrusting my cock through her hand, but while I can walk and chew gum at the same time, thrusting and rubbing against Sonia proved to be almost impossible. Since I was more interested in the masturbating habits of girlfriend's sister at the moment, I let my cock soften in favor of Sonia's clit.

"Well. Ahhhhhh. I tried mmmmmm. I tried to this morning but my mom knocked on my door to tell me mmmmmmmmm to tell me she was leaving with my brother. Then the phone rang. Mmmm yes. And I just wasn't in the mood after that."

"Are you in the mood to cum now?" I stopped moving my leg, in fact letting it down so it wasn't even touching her.

"Please!" she whimpered, shifting her weight, and again pressing her pussy against me.

"Could you return the favor?" I asked hopefully, my semi-limp cock twitching at the thought.

"Sorry," she smiled again, resuming her strokes. "You're not as hard as before. Sorry," she apologized meekly, tugging on my half-hard cock.

I'd already been bold enough today but I decided to press further, figuring at the most, I would just get a "No" answer. "Do you know what would help?" Sonia simply shook her head, eyes closed, fingers sliding through her fine hair. "Could you take your top off?"

Her eyes bolted open. She let go of my cock completely and brought both hands across her chests. "Why?" she demanded.

Damn! Damn! Damn!

"Well, " I struggled, my cock further deflating. "One, you've already seen all of me. Two, You're really pretty and I want to see the rest of your body. And three," I tried to think of something. "And three, the last time I touched your breast, you seemed to enjoy it. I could do it again if you'd like." Please?

She brought her hands down to rest on her thighs but she made no move to uncover her chest. "Do you like to rub your nipples when you masturbate?" I asked. Again with the blush but she nodded her head. "Close your eyes and imagine pulling on them while you rubbed yourself," I continued. She had her eyes closed but since her nipples where already clearly hard, I couldn't tell if this was working. "Now," I finished. "Imagine me doing it for you." She thrust her pussy hard against my leg in response. She seemed to be incredibly turned on by visuals as much as I was. "Please let me see your body," I said softly.

Opening her eyes again, her gaze drifted down to my soft dick. But her hands moved behind her back and I could tell she was working the bow untied. A soft smile crept across her lips when she saw my cock show some signs of life. The bikini shifted and I could see that she had untied the back as the strings fell to her side. Now she slowly raised her hands to the strap at her neck. My cock raised with them. Now she knew she was teasing me. She slowly pulled the strap up the back of her neck, over her head, and held it tight in front of her, but not out of shyness, only to tease me. And then she let go.

I moaned again as I saw her breasts, the first guy to ever see Sonia's tits. They were almost completely round and pillowy with almost no sag, despite their size. The areola's were a soft shade of pink, and her nipples were almost an inch long! I moved my hands to cup them, much like she did with my sack, testing their weight. When I grabbed them fully, they spilled out the sides of my hands, confirming that they were indeed bigger than I thought. While my girlfriend was a 36C, her sister seemed to be only a slightly smaller C cup size. I groped her tits roughly, not enough to hurt, but enough that it got her attention, and her breathing and little moans started up again. I was moving my leg against her in time with my hands. When I began to flick and pull on her nipples, she again grabbed my cock and tugged in hard strokes.

"Sonia, promise me you won't stop anymore. I need to cum so badly," I almost whined. Man if anyone could see us now. My girlfriend's sister was in my bed, topless, grinding her cunt against my leg, while giving me a handjob as I played with her tits and pleaded for her to make me cum!But Sonia did me one better.

"I need you to make me cum too. Please keep touching my tits and my nipples! Don't stop!" I needed to cum so badly hearing that, and I was close. Sonia was moaning loudly, grinding against me. I reached down to her hips and pulled the bows to her bottoms, untying them, and then practically ripped them out from under her. Her bush came into view, and I could see that she had a nice shaved landing strip of dark pubic hair. Unfortunately, from the angle, I couldn't see the lips of her pussy. It took Sonia a few seconds for her to realize what I had done, and when she stopped jacking me off, I practically screamed for her to keep going, at which she resumed her pace.

She was now snapping her hips back and forth, sliding her dripping pussy across my leg. You could actually hear how wet she was as you ground her clit and lips against me, matting the hair with her juices. She was almost bouncing up and down now, her tits gyrating wildly. I grabbed on to them tightly, rubbing her nipples with my thumbs. We were both moaning loudly, thrusting against each other. Sonia's hand was a blur on my cock. I was almost there!

Sonia started, leaning toward me, "You remember the first time I made you cum? All over me? Mmmmm. Well, right after you left the room. I took off all my clothes and rubbed your cum all over my body. I even tasted it." I was incredibly turned on; I couldn't even speak. "I didn't even make it to my bed. I just sat in the window seat, spread my legs, and put three fingers right up my pussy. I came so hard right away!"