Erotic Story: What I'd Do To You Both

What I'd Do To You Both

Hello, my two gorgeous men. You're in the living room as I type this, playing computer games, and I'm in the bedroom in front of the PC, trying desperately to find some way of venting my frustration. Because, you see, I want you both so very much.

Tom, my darling husband, my soul mate; I want you because I know exactly what delights your body has in store for me, and I want to experience them again and again. Ryan, longstanding mutual friend of ours - I desire you because you are utterly delicious in every way, not to mention your 'forbidden fruit' status and my natural tendency to be attracted to new experiences.

Perhaps one day both of you will read this, and you will know exactly what I daydream about so frequently, which is to pleasure and be pleasured by both of you, in every conceivable way, until dawn. Here is what I would like to do, right now, instead of just sitting here tapping vigorously away at my keyboard...


I come into the room wearing just a short low-cut nightie, with no underwear, and announce that I am going to turn in. I saunter over to you, Tom, and kiss you passionately, sitting astride your lap and pressing my body against you. I then ask if you would mind me giving Ryan a goodnight kiss as well. You look at me, a little confused, but then catch sight of Ryan staring at us with a mixture of arousal and embarrassment, and my own obvious need, and you assent willingly.

I then come over to you, Ryan, lean over to give you a good view down my nightie and kiss you lingeringly on the lips. You look sideways at Tom, who nods his assurance, and then start to kiss me back. I feel your tongue run softly over my lips and open my mouth to you, feeling your tongue slide in and caress mine, exciting a little moan from me.

Tom, you are watching us and becoming visibly turned-on by the sight of us being intimate together.

"Perhaps I'm not feeling so tired after all," I purr.

"And perhaps we have something better to play with now than a computer game," you reply, smiling. You then pull me towards you and slowly peel my nightie off, saying, "What do you think, Ryan?"

Ryan, you rise to your feet, stand behind me and start to caress me all over. Your touch feels so good and my being naked against your fully-clothed body makes me feel a little vulnerable but oh, so horny. Your touch is light but not ticklish, and I reach my hand behind me and find the bulge in your jeans, then begin to squeeze and stroke until you are panting with excitement.

Meanwhile, Tom, you have dropped to your knees on the floor and your fingers are slipping between my drenched, cleanly shaven pussy lips, seeking and finding my clitoris, rubbing it gently with your thumb as your index and middle fingers penetrate me and begin fucking me, in and out, deeper and harder until, Ryan, I am leaning back against you to stay upright as my orgasm rocks my whole body, hips bucking against Tom's hand, moaning, "Oh yes, oh yes..." over and over again as your hands continue to roam all over me.

Tom, you reach your hand up and I lick you clean of my cum, whispering, "Thank you." You smile back at me and I kiss you tenderly, saying, "I love you, and only you," before turning to you, Ryan, and starting to kiss you again, lifting your t-shirt up and over your head to reveal your slender torso, which I cover in little kisses, working my way downwards until I reach your belt. You play distractedly with my hair whilst I undo your jeans, then gasp with pleasure when, having taken your jeans and boxers down to reveal your luscious erect cock, I begin to suck on it with long slow strokes.

You feel so good in my mouth; familiar but new, with that tantalizing contrast between velvet-soft skin and hardness beneath that all men have, but your own unique flavor spreading over my tongue with every in-out.

Tom, you are looking on, and you have taken your own cock out by now. You're gripping it in your hand and stroking it; God, I love it when you do that. Suddenly I realize that I have two lovely big cocks all to myself, and give Ryan's a little kiss before moving over to you and taking yours into my eager mouth. However, you adore having me suck you so much that you don't let me up until you've shot a lovely big load into me.

By now my pussy is clamoring for attention again, and Ryan, you aren't about to let me go wanting. As Tom takes his cock out of my mouth, you lead me back to the sofa and motion to me to sit down. The next thing I know, you're kneeling between my legs and the tongue which turned me on so much earlier with that kiss is working its way into the folds of my pussy, and I'm moaning so loud that surely our neighbors must know what we're up to. You lap at my clit until I'm on the brink of coming, and then suddenly you're fucking me with your tongue and you're rubbing my clit instead of licking it, and I'm screaming your name as I come all over your face, and the little wet noises your mouth makes are growing louder as I gush even more juice.

"Fuck me," I gasp. "Ryan, please fuck me now."

"Try and stop me," you reply, but you look at Tom again to check that this really is OK.

Tom, my sweet love, you say, "I've learned it's best not to keep my wife waiting," and chuckle. You seem really comfortable with this and that is so important to me; if at any time you said you wanted it all to stop, I wouldn't hesitate to leave Ryan with blue balls. But you obviously know how much I adore you and that I would never want another man over you.

So it is with the greatest ease and delight that I open my legs wider for you, Ryan, and when you enter me I am nearly crying with pleasure. You aren't gentle; obviously you've wanted this as much and for as long as I have. Soon we are slamming into each other so hard that the slapping of your pelvis against my thighs sounds like whip-cracks.

Out of the corner of my eye, Tom, I can see you watching us and masturbating feverishly, and it's such a horny sight that it pushes me over the edge into another orgasm. Your eyes meet mine, and our gazes lock together as my climax brings on yours.

Ryan, you pull out of me suddenly and cover my tits and stomach with what seems like gallons of cum. And for a long time afterwards we all sit there, completely exhausted and spent, but exhilarated too. We've all just done something that we'd only ever dreamed of in our wildest fantasies. We unanimously agree that this must be a one-off experience, and amazingly we all seem just as comfortable with each other as we ever were. We both thank Ryan for an amazing time and assure him that we still love and respect him as a friend, and ask him to get back in touch soon so we can all hang out together.

Tom, when Ryan has gone home, you and I snuggle up in bed together and talk about what happened tonight. We both agree that having trusted one another in what could have been such a precarious situation for our marriage has actually strengthened our bond when it could have destroyed it. We lie awake and talk and talk, and soon talking becomes hugging, which becomes kissing and touching, which becomes some of the most indescribably erotic and tender lovemaking I have ever known. It is such a contrast to the urgent rutting Ryan and I shared, and I am glad to have experienced one in order to fully appreciate the other.


And now, my beloved husband, whose name of course is not Tom, our friend has gone home and you are lying on our bed, naked and idly playing with yourself. As I said, I love it when you do that. And so I shall wrap this story up, and come and join you, in the full and content knowledge that, fantasy aside, you are all I want and need.