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mirror of the soul heart beats naked drawn to guide, soft thunder, unadorned with pride, brushed fingers, wave a crest that rides caresses, empty space between resides, falls slowly forward yet to cling, the moments joining, past, to be, unbroken string a train of beads, each pause a pregnant possibility hand stretches forth with palm invites enjoin the dance, in crystal raindrops, light, like butterflies upon the leaf, soft pattering in muted weave, stilled fragile moments rest from lilting flight to leave, breath fluttering, faint traces painted cross a fleeting eye unbroken wings of light are swept and interleaved, rise amber steps that reach unto the sky, pierced veil of darkness, born of hammered blows and night in muffled cries, rings out unwavering bold might, illumined paths that wind and lead through lofty realms, returned unto embrace in resonance, emerging deep within, pervades unseen to mark the ages day and night, with passages between, in trace of lingering that carries long from sight and mind reverberates in caverns deep to find, heart beats naked drawn to guide as magic old, a golden tear drop strikes, the mirror of the soul, delight
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