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Freedom Bound To taste the freedom that can be found, When neither of U/us make a sound. The freedom of knowing one is whole, When she is owned to her very soul. She was forced away, For reasons she can not stray But she has found herself while lost, Refusing to give up, no matter the cost. Finding herself floating along aimlessly, Like a ship lost in an endless sea. A lifeline she had depended upon, Was suddenly, abruptly gone. Refusing to give in, Knowing with out a doubt, It would be she not He who would win, Soon she was sure, she'd be able to shout. She held her head up with great pride, Rarely allowing others to know she cried. Emotional wreck that was she, So great was the love, the hatred for He. She swore with every breath she took, Her faith and belief could not be shook. Peace and contentment found her, Friends rallied closely around her. Watching out for the gentle soul with the broken heart, Never really allowing her to fall apart. Being wrapped within the arms of friendship, She was allowed to heal, They waited for her to be on an even keel. Slowly she emerged from her shell, No one was allowed to see her private hell. Her love for Him was still strong and true, She was never sure how she'd make it through. Until she was lead down an unfamilar path, She began to find herself rising from the aftermath Happiness began to fill her heart once more, She found One who could make her smile and so much more. Friendship at first was all that was given, So afraid she was, of living, But somehow He managed to see around the wall, Surely He must be 10 feet tall.
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