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Sunrise and the Waning Moon It was in the morning that I began to love you. Not the morning that belongs to day. The morning that belongs to the night, and the moon. And to us, my love. It was in that same morning that I begun to call you mine, and you accepted me as your own. Thus it is in the morning that I miss you most. The morning that belongs to us. The one before the rest of the world has awakened and only a select few are still up, praying to the shimmering moon. There was a time when I answered to that goddess, cruel as she was, a spirit of loneliness, waning and growing outside my bedroom window. I spoke to you. How lovely your voice was! Your voice that spoke directly to my heart, and mine directly to yours. Our voices mixed and mingled into a cry to the fates. A cry to never be apart. We talked long hours into the night about nothing and everything. And sometimes… Sometimes there was no need for words. Those were the moments I treasured most, as we understood one another so well that we didn't need to speak to communicate. A contended sigh spoke volumes. It was in the night that I hurt you. Twisting the knife into your soul, only to find it embedded just as deeply within the fabrics of my own being. I cried out with you. But I lamented in silence. Such fury. It was the moon, I swear it was! The moon, waning outside my window. Warily staring in at me. The very wind outside crying out to me. Why had I done this? Why had I driven the blade into the earth that I loved so deeply? I bled with you. But I did so quietly. The wounds healed, but scars never quite fade. We healed together, and the moon set on our love. Those times came and went, and things grew ever more beautiful. I lay down my bloodshot eyes and saw only you. There was nothing else. There was no need for anything else. I saw you and I fell deep into the pools beneath the earth, the pools that the warmth of the universe empties into, the pools within your eyes. How I wished to stay there forever. But eventually this to
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